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Funmi Iyanda & her guests discuss Education Pilgrimage in this episode of “Public Eye”

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In the past five months, university students in Nigeria have had to stay home because of the ASUU strike. Students are beginning to seek a better system outside the country. “Japa” (as it is popularly called) is the process of leaving the country to seek greener pastures.

Funmi Iyanda, host of the “Public Eye” talk show, interviewed guests on the topic “Education Pilgrimage.” Speaking with Funmi on the state of affairs for students in Ukraine, Eunice Eleaka shared details on what it’s like to study in Ukraine and the trials and challenges she has experienced. Eunice revealed she had to move to Ukraine due to her inability to secure admission in Nigeria.

Other guests were Shalewa Ajila (NIDCOM Representative), Adedamola Oloketuyi (Director, AOC Schengen), and Akintunde Akanni (Lecturer and ASUU member).

Watch the video below:

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