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Thanks to NYSC, Eunice & Ebuka are Set For The Aisle! #DoseofEE



It’s another giddy day for us as usual, and you can already guess why! 😅 Yes, we’ve got another sweet love story. This time, it’s Eunice and Ebuka serving the sweetness.

For the sweethearts, it all began at NYSC. If you haven’t served the fatherland, this may just be your cue! 😅 Eunice and Ebuka who were in the same CDS group got the chance to interact at a hangout and so love began to brew. Now, it’s a forever love song and we’re absolutely excited for them. Their pre-wedding photos have us drooling and we can’t get enough of the chemistry.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story as shared by Eunice below.

Their love story as shared by Eunice:

For my NYSC, I was deployed to Abia state to serve, but after attending the orientation camp, I decided to redeploy to Lagos. Thinking about it now, it is amazing how that singular act made it possible to meet the love of my life.

During the weekly CDS, I would sight him and think to myself, “what a handsome guy”. But it ended there. On one of those CDS days, a mutual corp member friend invited both of us to a hangout. You can imagine my excitement when I learnt that he was going to be in attendance *evil laugh*.

To my surprise, we instantly clicked and had amazing conversations. He ended up giving me a ride back home and as a true gentleman, he gave me a hug and asked for my number. The next day, he reached out to me, and we literally had the best date as none of us wanted the day to end. I think at that moment, we both knew that this was it. Fast forward to 5 years later, he proposed to me in the most intimate and romantic way on the 3rd of April 2022. And so our journey begins.



Bride’s Outfit@carewcouture

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