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Genoveva Umeh opens up on her Nollywood Journey, Missed Opportunities & Landing the “Blood Sisters” Role on “Tea With Tay”

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“Blood Sisters” and Nollywood star, Genoveva Umeh joins Taymesan on this episode of his podcast show, “Tea With Tay.”

Genoveva talks about growing up in Enugu, moving to the UK, acting school, missing out on opportunities, auditioning for “Blood Sisters” and lots more.

Moving to the UK

“I was born in Enugu State. Born and raised, up until I was 12 and I moved to the UK. I moved to London with my family. First off, my mom moved because she’s a nurse. So she was the one that got the opportunity to practice in the UK and two years later, my dad and I joined.”

Life before leaving Enugu

“It was freeing. Recently, someone asked me that and I said that it felt like I was on holiday in Enugu. Maybe my parents shielded me from the harsh realities of living in Nigeria but I just always felt happy and very much involved in the creative arts. I was part of the dance community in church and part of the singing community. We would be doing ‘Now and behold the lamb’ with the gloves and everything. Contemporary dancing was everything. We were just doing it you know and it was so much fun. I also felt protected and loved. We had this next door neighbour and they would always look after me.”

Struggling with her confidence at a time in her journey

“I hadn’t worked in a while. I had been extremely unhealthy. The biggest I had ever been in my life. I had the worst acne from nowhere. It was also the year I moved in on my own. I was really dealing with panicking about the next rent. An opportunity did come before ‘Blood Sisters’ and that opportunity when it came, I didn’t get it. And then it felt like most of my friends got the opportunity. I am like wow! Why am I in Nigeria? What’s the point of being here? I was considering going back home to the UK. And also, my parents, as much as they are really supportive, they also were like, ‘If this thing isn’t working out for you, you need to leave.’ 2020/2021 pulls round, I see Ebony Life Creative Academy, I am like, I am not working but I need to get back in training. I need to go back to the reasons why I love doing what I am doing…”

Watch the full episode below;

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