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Weyinmi Cheke shares how God’s love changed his life on “Colours of Life”

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Koko Kalango’s Christian lifestyle talk show, “Colours of Life,” is back with a new episode titled “Embracing the Love of God.”

In this episode, Koko sits with Nigerian banker and artist Weyinmi Cheke. Weyinmi talks about how he chose to stay back in Nigeria, seeing God at work, being born into a struggle, not feeling loved, contemplating suicide, overcoming depression, what God means to him, and lots more.

On dealing with depression

“What caused the depression at a younger age was from a place of not being love. Thinking I was not loved and not seeing me being loved. Also from a place of knowing that I was struggling. I fell sick a lot then when I was younger. There was a certain time in my life that I struggled. I struggled in academics. People didn’t really know it then. I didn’t really have a lot of people to speak with. But why I came out of depression, till today, I didn’t speak a lot when I was younger. I think, probably prayers from, I know I have an aunt that really prays for me. My brother and my dad then maybe, I feel it just has to be God. Certain times when I was much younger I thought about just ending it, thought about quitting and let the life just end. I told you, one time I was checking for how to end it without feeling pain. What I saw online, there was still pain so I just backed off.”


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