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Paul Eze: How to Get Remote Jobs As An African



As you’re likely aware, remote jobs have become increasingly popular in recent years, and this trend has also extended to Africa. However, for many Africans, finding remote work can be a difficult and challenging process. Despite the growing demand for remote workers, there are still many obstacles that can make it tough to secure a remote job in Africa. Factors such as limited access to reliable internet, language barriers, and a lack of awareness about remote work opportunities can all contribute to this challenge.

Many African professionals have expressed concerns about these difficulties but the main obstacles are often location restrictions that limit jobs to Europe or North America, as well as time zone differences that make it challenging for African workers to work during a company’s business hours.

Despite these challenges, there are still many resources and organisations that are dedicated to helping Africans find remote work and overcome these obstacles. With proper resources and dedication, it is possible to find meaningful and fulfilling remote work opportunities in Africa. There are certainly many organisations that hire remote workers from Africa. The categories of companies/organisations that hire remotely from Africa include:

  • Indigenous African companies that provide hybrid or completely remote work opportunities
  • Local tech companies in Africa that are either completely remote-based or have hybrid working arrangements.
  • International companies (based in Europe, America or Asia) that are looking to hire more remote talent from Africa.

Interestingly, this year will see even more organisations turning their talent searchlight to Africa to hire smart remote workers. So if you are one of those who have questions like: how can Africans living in their home countries secure remote jobs overseas? Where can I find remote jobs online to work from home in Africa? There are proven tips to help you get a remote job in Africa or overseas.

Use specific remote job sites

While there are many remote job sites that almost always publish remote jobs mostly for America and Europe, it can be somewhat stressful to find remote jobs that accept applications from Africans on some of these sites. The best way is to focus on remote job sites for Africans like Remote4Africa, Remote Africa, and others. Africa-focused remote job sites enable you to find remote opportunities at local and international companies that are open for people in Africa to apply.

Use LinkedIn

You can find remote jobs in your African country on LinkedIn. Simply log into your LinkedIn account and go to the jobs section. Then filter to remote to see new listings from recruiters in your country.

Look for startups and technology companies hiring in your region

Startups and technology companies make up a decent chunk of companies that hire remotely. This is because many of these companies have hybrid work arrangements. You can create a spreadsheet to track these companies and check their career pages periodically.

Find and follow accounts that post remote job opportunities

Find recruiters or HR professionals that usually post new remote job opportunities on their social pages and follow them to get notified whenever they post new opportunities. By doing so, you may find a few of the remote jobs they post to be interesting and relevant enough for you.

Getting a remote job as an African is tougher than getting an office-based job. It demands time and preparation. We hope this helps with your remote job search.

Good luck!



Featured image: Picha Stock for Pexels

Paul Eze is a writer, entrepreneur. He is part of the team building Remote4Africa - a remote job platform providing vetted remote opportunities and resources for Africans.

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