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Dennis Isong: Could Real Estate Provide a Lucrative Market for Investors?

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According to recent data, the Nigerian economy increasingly depends on the real estate business. The sector has yielded tremendous growth and development over time, as more investors and developers direct resources there. Despite problems such as a lack of finance and the high cost of building materials, the sector has grown to be a significant contributor to the nation’s GDP and continues to create job opportunities for young people.

For instance, as the industry has expanded, there is now a greater demand for building supplies, which has improved job prospects in the manufacturing sector. Through mortgage lending and investment in REITs (Real estate investment trusts), the real estate sector has also brought in money for the banking industry. With rising demand for affordable housing and the government’s attempts to create enabling policies and infrastructure, the industry is expected to expand further.

Another significant factor indicating the prosperity of real estate in Nigeria is the introduction of new technology such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), which has revolutionised the business. BIM is a digital technology that allows designers, architects, and engineers to generate virtual 3D models of structures prior to construction. This technology has helped to decrease building mistakes, boost efficiency, and save money. There are also other reasons facilitating the prosperity of real estate in Nigeria.

Investment in infrastructure 

Another indicator that real estate is here to stay in Nigeria is the government’s investment in infrastructure. The government has acknowledged the importance of infrastructure in the growth of the real estate sector and has made significant investments in it. Because of the government’s infrastructure investment, new roads, bridges, and other transportation facilities have been built, making it simpler for developers to access and develop new sites.

Introduction of REITs

Another key indicator of the prosperity of real estate in Nigeria is the development of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). REITs are a type of investment instrument that allows investors to participate in real estate without physically owning the property. REITs have grown popular in Nigeria, with investors showing a strong interest in the product. The creation of REITs has made it simpler for Nigerians to engage in real estate while also attracting international investors.

New government policies 

Another event that demonstrates how real estate is here to stay in Nigeria is the government’s approach to the sector. The 1978 Land Use Act and the Mortgage Refinance Company are two examples of government initiatives that support the growth of the sector. These regulations have given the sector a foundation for growth and made it simpler for project developers to get money and land.

Increase in foreign investments 

Another instance demonstrating the success of real estate is the rise in foreign investment in the country’s real estate market. The Nigerian real estate market has great potential, and foreign investors have made significant investments there. New properties have been built as a result of the infusion of foreign capital, and Nigerians now have more job options.

With a continuously rising population and favourable government policies being put in place, the real estate market in Nigeria holds tremendous potential for investors in the diaspora. The underdeveloped property market and increasing demand for housing units contribute to the promising investment landscape. As rental income and property values continue to rise, those who choose to buy and hold property in Nigeria can expect substantial returns on their investments.

Also, the Nigerian government’s commitment to infrastructure reforms and the influx of foreign investment further solidify the growth prospects of the real estate sector. These factors create a conducive environment for diaspora Nigerians to participate in the thriving real estate market and reap the benefits of their investments. By recognising and leveraging these opportunities, Nigerians in the diaspora can strategically capitalise on the booming real estate industry in Nigeria, contributing to their financial growth and establishing a connection to their homeland.


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