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This “Okrika Stylist” Vincent Ebuka Wants You to Embrace Thrifting

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The fashion world is seeing a shift towards sustainability and rightly so. The advocacy is being spread throughout the world, and in Nigeria we have Vincent Ebuka championing this cause and spreading the message to his over 40,000 followers on Instagram by encouraging them to embrace thrifting. Vincent, who describes himself as a “fashion influencer, content creator, and ‘Okrika’ stylist, possesses an enchanting flair for transforming thrifted gems into exquisite fashion statements, redefining the boundaries of style perception in the process.

Vincent has the Midas touch when it comes to styling thrifted fashion pieces. And it’s so beautifully done, you’ll think the pieces came straight from fancy boutiques. Vincent is advocating for secondhand shopping, stating that rocking thrifted clothes doesn’t mean living a life of pennies and woes.

In this exclusive interview, Vincent shares his most invaluable fashion advice for thrifting, the best markets for quality thrifted pieces and much more:


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am Vincent Ebuka, a video and content creator and fashion influencer who hails from Imo State.

What made you start this line of fashion content creation?

Firstly, I love African-branded clothes, and I have been promoting them on my page. Then again, I love thrifting due to the uniqueness of the stuff I get there; I love to stand out with my style. I mix these new pieces with my thrifted clothes most of the time. I felt I should let people know about this treasure in thrift stores and how cheap it is for those who can’t exactly afford tagged clothes.

Your approach to sustainability through thrifting, upcycling, and flipping your finds is very commendable. Was this your plan from day 1, or did it come along the way?

It wasn’t part of the plan from the onset, but along the way, I thought of this as my little contribution to pushing the idea of sustainability in fashion and curbing waste.

In a lot of your videos, you alter, adjust, or flip your existing clothes (or second-hand clothes) into something new. Do you think it’s something everyone could and should be doing? Does this satisfy the itch to own something new without playing into the fast-fashion world?

The idea of restyling outfits is already what almost everyone does, especially ‘fashion lovers.’ I’m just bridging the gap between those who don’t know they can and those who don’t know how to. And yes, it gives you the sense of wearing something new sometimes, and other times the sense of wearing it differently, which could feel new.

What do you enjoy most about shopping at thrift stores or markets?

I think the joy that comes with buying quality stuff at very affordable prices and the excitement of how I would play around with those pieces in my head can be fulfilling.

What sort of misconceptions do people have about “secondhand clothing” shopping, and why are they false?

There are a whole lot of misconceptions and misinformation about thrifted clothes, including the question of their durability, the idea that they are for the poor, etc.

Firstly, thrifted clothes come in grades (quality); a lot of people do not know this. They are not often used clothes (sometimes they are new clothes with little or no defects that are probably out of fashion). They are not ragged, nor are they overused clothes. They are just clothes that have been worn and are still in good condition that are being recycled and resold. I go for the first grades, which are durable.

Again, thrifted clothes are not for the poor; they are for everyone. A lot of fashion influencers and stylists are thrifty, and they are not poor.

Any favourite tips to pass along for people who have never done secondhand shopping for clothes before?

First of all, always go for first-grade (good quality). It is also important and helpful when you make a list of what you want to get to avoid overshopping because you might end up not needing them.

For the best of the best thrift shopping, which places or markets would you recommend?

  • Port Harcourt City: Mile 1 Market and Oil mil Market
  • Lagos State: Katangua Market, Yaba Market, Aswani Market, and Ajah Market

What’s your current favourite piece in your closet?

A brown leather jacket

Do you remember the first piece of clothing that you ever bought for yourself?

I can’t remember anymore.

What’s the highest amount you’ve spent on thrifting in a day?

N22,000, I think I did quite a lot of shopping that day.

And the lowest amount?


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