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Fate Brought Kelechi & Sam Together 6 Years ago! Enjoy Their White Wedding Photos

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Kelechi and Sam met at the university six years ago. They exchange contacts and the chain of events from that day up till when she said yes to being his wife has simply been orchestrated fate!

They sealed their sweet love at the altar and it was nothing short of beautiful!  Kelechi rocked her custom dress like a queen and Sam understood the drip assignment. From the vow exchange to the reception and the after-party, fun and love was the order of the day. It was such a delight seeing them surrounded by their family and friends on their special day. Keep scrolling to take in all the beauty for yourself.

Enjoy their white wedding photos below and see their pre-wedding shoot here:

How we met
By the bride, Kelechi:

Back in 2017, during my time as a student at Unilag, fate brought us together through a mutual friend. That initial encounter didn’t immediately spark a connection between us, but he asked for my number and we got talking. Throughout my days at Unilag, we remained casual friends, not delving into anything too serious. However, our relationship shifted during the lockdown and our conversations deepened. After the lockdown, we found ourselves spending more time together and then one day, almost casually, he said, “Hope you know we’re already dating?” His presence offers a sense of security. With him, I find peace, as if every puzzle piece easily falls into place.

Our love story took a turn when on our annual trip in September 2022. We flew to Dubai for a vacation and he proposed! Despite my determination not to shed tears during my proposal, that day, I couldn’t hold them back. Reflecting on everything that led us to that moment, I knew in my heart that saying yes was the only answer. Looking back, it’s clear that from the moment we exchanged numbers to the day he slipped the ring onto my finger, every twist and turn has been orchestrated by fate. As I anticipate our future together, I’m filled with happiness and the knowledge that I made the right choice.


Bride @kelechi_ore
Planner @madame__dubois
Suit @atafo__
Dress @atafo__
Photography @jopstudios


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