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LOVE – Sweet, Saucy, Sour

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Forgive me, I am going off topic today; My head is in the clouds right now, I just spoke to my sweetie and it got me thinking bout LOVE……
I was also inspired my Mona’s blog, she’s had this forum running all week and the subject is related to love and relationships…’s a really interesting read. For more details, CLICK HERE
Anyway, back to the love issue, I have discovered that the ultimate love is lovin’ God and lovin’ yourself unconditionally….
Once that’s done, u shine!!!!!
Well, here are some naija songs that fit this theme….
They are some of my favourite songs! Make sure u give them a listen and leave some comments bout the songs or maybe bout love – sweet, saucy or sour…..

Paul Play Dairo – Angel of My LifeVideo (The Video is really nice)
Tosin Martins – Olo Mi

2 Shotz Feat BigLo – Delicious

Djinee – Ego (I LOVE THIS SONG)
P Square – Omoge Mi

My first week of work was amazing!
Waking up at 6AM isn’t fun but I have my own office! When my manager showed me around, she was like “here is ur office”….I literally exclaimed “ehhhhh???”……Anyway, life is crazy and unexpected!
Have a great weekend!

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