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Here are some pics of Omotola from a recent cover shoot for True Love West Africa Magazine (I love this mag….)
I think she looks really stunning here especially for someone with 4 children…..I had no idea she was that pretty…..I like her, I also admire her husband’s unwavering support despite all the bad press and gossip.

On another bright note, Omotola recently joined the ranks of Angelina Jolie when she was named a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. As part of her role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, she recently made an official visit to Liberia on a peace mission. Lovely.

HERE is a link to her official website
I have another post on Omotola’s music coming soon….

Side Note: Thanks to everyone who has visited so far! Don’t be a silent visitor; I really would appreciate any comments!!! Cheers!

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