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Watch Deola Sagoe – Hunger For Food Fashion Show @ naijagal’s blog – HERE

More from Peridot & Ruby @ low’s mental floss – HERE

See the US-returnee Nigerian guy who killed his ex-commissioner/humanitarian mum…very sad and unfortunate @ the sun newspaper – HERE

Former Reality TV Star rocked by nude photo scandal…sounds like an American tabloid headline right?…Well..u r wrong! In Nigeria! @ the sun newspaper – HERE
You can find the censored views of the pics @ nairaland forum…I am not linking it cause its nasty!

Five Random Things About Me
I’m mixed race….but u can’t tell….my dad’s genes r strong o…lol
I once had a 10 hour phone convo…no joke
I hate wearing shoes…..I tend to randomly walk around barefoot
I don’t drink hot (as in temperature) beverages… tea, no coffee, no hot chocolate
I won a burger-eating contest @ uni…..3 big macs in 3 mins……serious…..u wont believe it if u see me…

Tell us one random thing about u!
Have a lovely weekend! I’ll do our weekly hot music post coming soon…

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