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Here is another problem for ‘Aunty Bella’ to solve……in case u don’t know what I’m talking about…Aunty Bella is a little agony aunt column we have on bellanaija …anyway u can find out more HERE

Dear Aunty Bella,
My problem is very serious but on impulse I decided to send it to you. Here is my problem – my boyfriend proposed!!!!
Hardly sounds like a problem right? Wrong!
My parents have banned me from marrying him. For what reason? I am Yoruba and he is Igbo.
You see my father used say ‘do not bring any okoro guy home’ but I thought he was joking because he and my mum have many Igbo friends.
I do not want my parents to disown me because we have always been very close but I don’t know what to do!
I love my fiancé, he is the light of my life. I am 27 years old and in London. Please you know how hard it is to find a fine and responsible Nigerian guy in the UK who wants to settle down!
Please help me! Maybe I will find a solution; maybe I will get some laughs (I hardly even smile these days).

Yours Truly, Papa Don’t Preach from London
*letter summarized for length

This is serious o. I didn’t know stuff like this still happened.
Any Advice?

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