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Please read THIS first! Thanks!
Our first case is from a friend of mine whom I was talking to last night….
This is actually all true…sorry for making fun of your misery sweetie

Dear Aunty Bella,
There is this very FINE guy I have a HUGE crush on…after begging my friend to slyly introduce us and batting my long eyelashes at him, he eventually started ‘chasing’ me…
He started calling me…I never called back…
When I would see him I public…he would come over and give me a hug while I would give him the ‘what is your name again?’ look…
Well, after a couple of weeks….he STOPPED and yesterday I saw him with a very pretty girl and they were holding hands!!! Aunty Bella, what do I do???? I am sooo sad and distressed…
Yours sincerely, Frontin’ Don’t Pay From Lagos

Everyone, please I need ur input! Please advice Miss ‘Frontin Don’t Pay’ From Lagos……Lets have fun with this!

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