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Here is another edition of ‘Aunty Bella’
If you don’t know what it’s about read HERE
Miss M who shared her issue the last time says a huge ‘Thanks’ to everyone who advised her.
She said she has decided to go ahead with her wedding. I wish her all the best!
Now to today’s edition –

Dear Aunty Bella,

Here is my story. I just moved to the states some months ago. I recently started my MBA but moved here some months early to settle down. I have a girlfriend back in Nigeria and we dated for about 7 years. I met her during my 100 level at university and we have been together since then. Before I left Nigeria, I proposed to her, introduced myself to her parents and made it known that I will be back next year to marry her. I even told my parents and they are making preparations. My fiancée is a sweet girl, I was her first boyfriend and I know she will make a good wife.
Bella, here is my problem; I met this other girl when I arrived in Boston. At first I thought we could be just friends – that did not work. I thought it was just a fling – it is deeper than that. I am in love with her. I no longer answer my fiancée’s calls or emails. I heard from some friends that she is quite depressed due to my new attitude but I can’t help myself, I have never felt the way I feel about my new girlfriend.
I am wondering, what do I do now?
How do I break this news to my fiancée? She stuck by me for 7 years.
How do I tell our parents?
I am very confused. This situation is even distracting me from my MBA studies.
I know I am partially at fault but please help me.

‘Mr Torn’ from Boston

I totally am very unimpressed with ‘Mr Torn’. Honestly, this makes me angry.
On the bright side, I think its better that he tells his Nigerian fiancée now instead of wasting her time!

Anyway, what do you guys think? Do you have any advise for ‘Mr Torn’?

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