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Miss Frontin’ Don’t Pay – Has moved on, she is now ‘just friends’ with the fine boy and he recently confessed that he really liked her but it faded due to her childish ways…
Ms. Papa Don’t Preach – Is going ahead with her wedding. It’s taking place in the UK before the end of the year. Initially she was going to just go to the registry/court but has decided to something bigger and more glam because in her own words, ‘Its her special day and she has nothing to be ashamed of’. For now, only her mum is scheduled to attend, her dad still refuses to acknowledge the wedding.
Mr.Torn – Has decided to continue dating his Boston chick and wants to ‘see how it goes’…he says he will tell his Nigerian fiancé soon but is still searching for ‘the words to use’ but if he and the Boston chick break-up soon, he will go back to the Nigerian babe…the guy is not serious!

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