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Hello!!! So how was your weekend? Mine wasn’t bad…I didn’t get up to too much but seriously…I am becoming so boring these days…anyway, that’s another story! By the way, Happy Birthday to my sweetie, Ak. J whose birthday was yesterday (Sept 11)….MUAH! Luv ya!
Well, I’m trying something a lil’ different this week so here goes…

I just luv and admire people who throw caution to the wind and pursue their passions…It inspires me soo much!
Tosan Jemide is Nigeria’s foremost cakemaker, sugarcrafter and confectioner. His cakes are considered masterpieces not only because they taste good, but they also look SPECTACULAR!
He is married to Dionne who works with him, writes articles for magazines and has a background in guidance counselling.
In addition to his cakemaking business, Tosan owns a restaurant/cafe (Le Saison) and a Training School. He also dedicates generous time and resources to youth charities.
I won’t say too much……take a look at the pictures of his cakes……

thanks to an anonymous commenter on naijagal’s blog for the website hookup!
And click on the pictures below to read a recent interview…

I really admire him. I’m sure when he was younger and told his friends he wanted become a baker…they must have laughed at him…knowing some people, they might have shaken heir heads and said ‘it must be ‘spiritual’…lol…u know African elders now…don’t pretend…lol…but look at him now!
What do u think about the cakes?
What’s your passion? Do u think u could ever make a living from it?
Let us know!

Have a blessed week!

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