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~ I’M BACK ~

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Hey People!!!!!!!!

I’m back!!!
First up, thanks sooooo much to my guestbloggers – TC, Adaure, Dammie, Don Chi and Icy…Much luv! Thanks for helping out, I owe u one!

I have missed u guys madly!!!
I have been wanting to blog since I got back on Monday night but I have been so exhausted!
My trip was utterly fab…
I am sooooo glad I went! I will have to make a return trip to DC/Maryland ASAP!…
I didn’t even end up going ‘out’ as in clubbing or anything like that but I still had mad fun!
I met loads of people so that was really cool…I also had some very funny experiences..
Let me give you guys some tidbits…

As in, I usually go to New York whenever I go to the states so I am kinda used to NY guys and their madness
I didn’t know that DC guys were on the same page o
I was downtown DC (I think its downtown anyway…I’m talking about where the white house, congress building etc are) so I was waiting for my ride to pick me up so I decided to walk around….

I went to the congress building, there was this police officer there, in uniform and everything o! so dude was like
‘hi, do u have any questions?’….I was like ‘nooooo’…
before I knew it, he was like
‘what is your name?’…
‘do you want to go for dinner?’
‘take my number and I’ll give u a free tour!’….
LOL..I was stunned..

Anyway, walking back, guys would just randomly say things like
‘damn you are fine’
‘you are one attractive young lady’


I just had to start laughing…
By the way, I was dressed very simply, as in no booty or boobs hanging out….lol..

The final straw was when one dude in a CLS waved to me, the way the dude waved…I thought ‘oh maybe I know him’, I just smiled and kept on walking…do you know that this guy drove around the block! Caught up to me walking and said we ‘must!’ go for dinner…lol…he was a really cute African-American dude + smelled really nice (lol)…I didn’t give him my number tho lol…

There is lots more gist from my DC/MD trip but we’ll stop with this…
So the morale of my story is ladies, if u r looking for a man, go to DC…lol

I am glad to be back tho…

Here is this True Love photo feature on women who run night clubs in Nigeria.
I really luv it because it’s a gutsy move for any woman in Nigeria where any women in the spotlight becomes the victim of incessant gossip and endless drama…

Nice one ladies, I am proud of u…I added Maeva Taiwo from Tanjia because she deserves a place on the list.

Booky Younatie – Kileleyio

Catherine Effiong – Saga VIII

Louise Priddy – Bacchus/6 Degrees North

Maeva Taiwo – Tanjia
Maeva is originally from Tahiti and is married to Ladi Taiwo

So what do you think?

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