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Photo of the Week: Genevieve Nnaji @ the Ade Bakare Exhibition/Competition.She looks f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s from head to toe!

Hey Everyone,
How are you guys doing? I had the most amazing week even though I am now suffering for it…my whole body hurts and my voice is halfway gone! I went for a concert last night and all I can say is WOW! I sang along, I screamed, I jumped around, I danced! Woot woot…Good times…
Meanwhile, I am really hoping to have a very chilled, laid-back weekend but we’ll see how it goes because one of my friends is having a BBQ this weekend.
So many changes are coming through for me in the next couple of weeks (those who know…know LOL)…and I am sooo excited. Also, wanted to send a big kiss to my dear NY/NJ friend, O. Each day I value our friendship more, u r the epitome of a phenomenal person…random I know but I just wanted to let u know! MUAH!
On to other things, its just sinking in that I am going to be a bridesmaid (Maid of Honour for that matter) for the very first time next year…I am so blessed to be part of your wedding, Miss E!!!!!
It’s been a while since I’ve done Weekend Luv but here goes…

Wow, there are soooo many new blogs…I don’t think I can keep up!
Oh well, here are one of my new favs and one of my all-time favs.
Stella Damasus Aboderin’s Blog
I’m lovin it already….
Nigerican’s Blog
This is one of my all-time favs, just felt the need to shout it out!

Laspapi and several well-respected Nigerian literary giants will be editing a Nigerian Bloggers Book…Interested? Click HERE
OBJ’s 70th B-Day Pics – HERE
Discussions on OBJ’s 70th B-Day Pics on Waffarian’s Blog , Laspapi’s Blog and Grandiose Parlor
Taurean Minx answers 60 questions – HERE
Fellow blogger, Abbey is now an Ivy-League Med School student (well…in a couple of months)…so happy for u girl – HERE
Sad news on Nigerian/American musician rapper, Naira. May God grant her family strength and fortitude. Please keep her in your prayers. Things like this put life in perspective – HERE
Uzo asks ‘Would you go out/marry someone who doesn’t have a first degree?” – HERE
Beyonce‘s vacay pics…wooot I am on my way to the gym – HERE
New D’Banj Interview – HERE
Excerpt: “I would say my “Kokoletes” love me and I love them. I am their Koko master. They cannot love somebody else other than the Koko master. My “Babyletes, Kokoletes, Mamaletes” showed me love right from the first time they heard me” LMAO
“I have met people and they told me, Jesus is the Koko for them. I have met people when I went to London and came back and they say picnic is the Koko for them. Picnic is not sex.” LMAO Part 2
Party Addicts Events
– For More

Bollie – U May Kiss The Bride
I luv this song! It just makes me giggle…It’s a Ghanaian jam but most of the Ghanaian I know really dislike it! Anyways, U May Kiss the Bride MUAHHHHHHHHH

Seven featuring Jimmy Allen – Nigerian Girl
A Nigerian spin on the song ‘Liberian Girl’…they did a good job with it.

Lexy Dooo – Baby Ske Ske
This is an old song but I luv it! I haven’t heard any other song by Lexy Dooo tho…Lexy where u @?

Wedding Updates
Bisi and Ofon’s Wedding PhotosHERE
Titi and KoleHERE
Ope and EfeHERE
God bless their marriages, if you want me to remove the link. Email: [email protected]

Quote of the Week
Let them hate so long as they fear (Oderint Dum Metuant)
Lucius Accius, Fragment (170 BC – 86 BC)

Have a blessed and safe weekend!
Have fun!


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