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I blogged about Ella Brown a little while ago and we got a whole mixed bag of opinion.
Here are the photos from her Miami Fashion Week debut.
Personally, I’m impressed! I like the whole theme, the fabrics, cuts and the varying influences. So what do you think?

So Idols WA is down to the Final 3 this week and Temitayo was voted out!
The winner will be chosen next week and my vote goes to Omawumi, I think she rocks!! She is daring with her song choices and her stage presence is strong.
Anyways, we’ll find out next week!
Omawumi – ‘Waiting in Vain’ by Bob Marley

Timi – Lemar’s ‘If there’s Any Justice’

Timi – Bryan Adams ‘Everything I do, I do It For You’

That’s it for today. Let us know what you think!

On another related note, I would like to know what you guys think about the comments section and whether it should be moderated or not. One of the things I decided when I started this blog was to encourage people to leave honest opinions and not filter or water it down. I respect everyone’s opinion/comments although personally I sometimes feel that the comments can be quite harsh and personal so I would like you guys to vote and/or let us know what you think. So vote below on to censor or not to censor the comments in extreme cases. Please vote only once. Thank you!

So regarding the whole comment censorship thing, I have given it a lot of thought and reflection.
Before I go further, I want to point out that started this blog to celebrate Nigerian/African women and their achievements in fashion, entertainment etc….and generally do something positive. I also want to make it clear that this is not a gossip blog.

I understand that trash sells and to some people ‘keeping it real’ involves hurling insults or gossiping about people while being positive is perceived as ‘sucking up’. That said, I will do what my spirit feels at rest with because at the end of the day, this is my blog and it’s a reflection of me.
I will not moderate comments because I want to get people’s honest opinions but I will lay out some guidelines at this point.

– Be respectful, whether your view is positive or negative or whatever
– This is not a forum to settle personal issues or ‘beef’ or air out dirty laundry so keep it to yourself or take it somewhere else

I don’t think any of these 2 guidelines is asking too much.

I believe that the comments section can be interesting without degenerating to Perez Hilton or Jerry Springer trashy levels. Be honest, blunt or whatever but do not be insulting.
Everyone has their dirty laundry, Oprah is an admitted ex-drug abuser and has admitted being extremely promiscuous in the past (she was pregnant at 14, did drugs in her 20s and had 4-year relationship with a married man – Source) but this does not define her, she has moved on to do bigger and better things but I am so sure that if she were Nigerian, people would call her all sorts of names and bring up all her dirty laundry each time her name is mentioned. Sad but very true.

This is the last time I’ll discuss this issue because I find the whole thing tiresome plus I dont need to justify my actions to anyone on either side of the fence. I just sought opinion out of respect for my readers.
Anyway, I appreciate you for visiting my blog but it’s a hobby not my job or my lifeline so if you feel it isn’t interesting because there is no gossip or people are not spewing insults feel free not to visit or comment.

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