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Hey Everyone!!
Long time…well not exactly but it has been a week!
How is everyone doing?
I’m alright…
Ok…I take that back…my resolution is not to be whining and complaining but to be grateful and joyful so
I’m great!
How have you been?
I was in South Africa last week and all I can say is that it was eventful and sooo busy

I will just give u some random tidbits from the trip
I spent a couple of blissful hours on the beach 🙂
I lost like 10 pounds in one week ‘cause I just couldn’t eat the food for some reason 🙁
I got a surprise kiss…not a romantic kiss…traumatic but funny story 🙁

What did you do on Valentine’s Day?
I went for dinner at this fab restaurant in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg was actually really good.

Anyways, today I am featuring a fabulous up-and-coming designer, Toju Foyeh.

Here is a short Q & A with the designer
What inspired you to start designing?
When I was younger I used to go through my mum’s magazines. Stuff like Harpers and Queens, Tatler and Vogue and I thought fashion is something I would like to do some day. I was particularly intrigued by the creative art of high fashion and started putting my ideas on paper from the age of nine.

Do you have any formal fashion training?
Not at the moment. However, I plan on going to fashion school after I complete my Master’s degree next year.

How did you come up with the name of the label?
Toju Foyeh is the abbreviation of my name which is Toluwaloju Olowofoyeku. I wanted to keep it personal.

There seems to be loads of new Nigerian designers sprouting up, what makes your label different from the pack?
Well I’ve seen a lot of stuff from Nigerian designers and I think that they are all quite unique in their own way. At the same time feel I pay a lot of attention to detail and choose my fabric carefully. I focus a lot on the finishing of my clothes as presentation for me is very important. At the same time I’m open different fields of fashion as well as native African clothing.

Are your clothes available to purchase or are they made to order?
I hope to make ready to wear in the near future but for now I’m just taking orders as I am still at university.

What sort of fabrics do you use and why?
The type of fabric I use depends on the design. I enjoy experimenting with different fabrics such as lace, ankara and damask.

What is your dream for Toju Foyeh?
To eventually grace the runways of New York, London, Paris and Milan.

There are so many young up-and-coming Nigerian designers but there is something about Toju Foyeh that stands out.
I can see lots of creativity especially with her use of fabric and some of the decorative cuts.
Definitely lots of potential.

That’s it for today!!!
Tell us what u think of Toju Foyeh and of course u know I want to hear about your Val’s day adventures!

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