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Wow! I know this is quite late but better late than never right? I knew I had to do a ‘New Year’s’ post and I had composed so many versions of this in my head but somehow I had been unable to sit and put ‘pen to paper’…well more like ‘fingers to laptop’ but you get the point.

2008 was a divine and totally blessed year for me. I find it hard to believe that all that happened last year actually happened TO ME. So much happened; from the successes at work, to exploring the world, to moving back to Nigeria to Bella Naija growing to really special moments in my personal life. It was really an amazing year! There were loads of challenging moments when I was totally lost and confused then just had to get on my knees and pray. Ask God to guide me through and load my steps and of course, HE did it! I’m so grateful!

Everyone’s experiences last year were different. For some it was a difficult year. Maybe you lost your job. Some lost someone close to them. Perhaps you feel that you did not achieve the goals that you set for yourself (Although I am grateful that I made progress, I felt this too). Maybe you experienced a bad breakup.

Whatever the case, I just feel that 2009 is a year of renewal. A new and revived YOU & me. Whether last year was good or bad, its all in the PAST! Let us let it go and face the future. For 2009, I am working on setting specific goals and milestone for when I want to achieve them this year. I am also trying to break some bad habits: the 2 major ones for me are procrastination and taking on commitments that I cannot handle then not doing them. I’ll let you know as I make progress.

Thanks so much for being a part of Bella Naija. I know it sounds cheesy when i say this but I feel like we are a family.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown, try, take a chance. Whether it works out or not, at least you gave it a try!

Yes you can.

Have a blessed year!!!