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A Rosy Union: Ibiso Briggs & Timi Giwa Wed

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Ibiso Briggs & Timi Giwa Wedding006Ibiso Briggs & Timi Giwa met in the UK about 4 years ago and it was there that their love story started and then on a sunny August day, the couple tied the knot in Lagos, Nigeria. Pink was the colour of the day as the bride walked down the aisle in her stunning strapless pearlized-pink wedding dress – simply accentuated with a pearl necklace, upswept hair and a sumptuous bouquet of red roses. The groom wore a traditional black tailcoat suit perfectly in-sync with his bride as it was paired with a pink waistcoat, tie and pocket-square. The bridesmaids were dressed in fuchsia pink knee-length asymmetrical dresses with gold hair-pieces while the groomsmen were all in black suits. The reception was a festive affair as the couple celebrated with friends and family. Wishing Ibiso and Timi a blessed and blissful life together.

Ibiso Briggs & Timi Giwa Wedding001

Mr. & Mrs. Timi Giwa

Ibiso Briggs & Timi Giwa Wedding002

The beautiful bride - Ibiso

Ibiso Briggs & Timi Giwa Wedding005

The couple's families celebrate the union

Ibiso Briggs & Timi Giwa Wedding004

The bridal train: Men in Black & Ladies in Pink

Ibiso Briggs & Timi Giwa Wedding007

Ibiso's bridesmaids admire her ring

Ibiso Briggs & Timi Giwa Wedding003

Ibiso Briggs & Timi Giwa Wedding008

Congrats and cheers to a beautiful life together

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