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Drop the Contacts & Shade Up the Right Way! 7 Tips to Find the Right Shape of Eyeglasses for your Face



How to Find the Right Frame Shape for your Face - Bellanaija - August 2013

Whether you have 20/20 vision and just want to rock shades or your vision acuity is less than that, glasses can be used for many things, one of which is beautifying your face. Personally, I’m tired of those annoying lines that dent my makeup when I smile while wearing my favourite shades. So, how do I still rock my shades, flatter my face and not get those annoying lines? Well, the obvious solution is to find the right frame for my face.

Just as makeup and eyebrows affect our facial appearance in different ways, glasses also affect the way our faces look. The right shape of frame can do wonders to uplift your face, make it seem slimmer, broader etc.

So, check out the following tips for finding the perfect frames for your face and hopefully as we give our contacts a break, we can still look super fabulous.

1. Before you try on a new pair of glasses, pull your hair back to get a good full-view look at your face. This way you know what you are looking for.

2. The style & size of your frames matter a lot and can change the shape and appearance of your face. The top frame of the glasses should not go higher than your natural eyebrow line and the bottom of the frames shouldn’t rest on your cheeks (even when you smile).

3. Work with frames that flatter your facial features. If you buy frames that are too narrow, it will make your eyes look too close together. If they’re too far apart, your eyes will look too separated. Try glasses that are averagely placed in the center for a more balanced look.How to Find the Right Frame Shape for your Face - Bellanaija - August 2013001

4. You can try going for stylish looking glasses. Try a signature look like cat eye glasses to give your face a more feminine look and stand out more.

5. A great tip to live by when buying glasses is to always play against your natural face shape. If you have a diamond shaped face or you know you have harsh jaw lines, try glasses that are oval shaped and don’t have hard & bulky frames.

6. If you have a protruding jaw line or a really defined one, when buying sunglasses, go for frames that have gradients that lead from dark to light. The dark top takes the attention off the jawline, balancing your face out.

7. If you have an oval/oblong shaped face, try glasses that are narrow. They give your face the illusion of having a face lift.

8. If your glasses are prescribed, especially a strong prescription then it is most likely that they magnify your eyes. In this case, reduce the eye shadow and mascara you use to it doesn’t look (for lack of a better word) weird.

Don’t forget to share any tips or advice you may have on buying frames to suit your face with us.

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