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BN Beauty Nest With Ameera: Stay Healthy but Eat Yummy! This Meal Plan is for You



BN Beauty Nest with Ameera - BellaNaija - September 2013After battling with weight issues for the past year I managed to find my perfect healthy eating plan. I have always been petite and slightly underweight so I went on a mission to gain some weight and at least look “normal”.

So, I took a lot of nutritional supplements and exceeded my desired weight and for the first time in my life I was trying to lose weight and not gain it.

I signed up for yoga and started swimming which helped me lose about 3kg in 3 weeks. I had reached my ideal weight after 2 months and discovered that eating only 1500 calories daily helped me maintain my “perfect” weight.

Not only did it fit in perfectly with my new healthy lifestyle, I feel lighter, refreshed and energized after every meal.

I have put together a sample meal plan which is exactly 1500 calories and completely healthy and tasty too. I hope you have as much fun trying out the meals as I did putting them together.


Diet Meal Plans for Loosing Weight - BellaNaija -September 2013002

1. Oats or Wheetabix with semi skimmed milk topped with raisins or bananas.

Diet Meal Plans for Loosing Weight - BellaNaija -September 20130032. Glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice or cranberry juice

LunchDiet Meal Plans for Loosing Weight - BellaNaija -September 20130041. Roast chicken salad with brown bread. (Salad base is iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomato) chicken should be skinless.


Diet Meal Plans for Loosing Weight - BellaNaija -September 2013005

1. Low fat natural yogurt topped with swirl of honey Diet Meal Plans for Loosing Weight - BellaNaija -September 20130062. Sliced pear


Diet Meal Plans for Loosing Weight - BellaNaija -September 2013007

1. Basmati rice with grilled salmon or croaker fish and spicy tomato sauce. Diet Meal Plans for Loosing Weight - BellaNaija -September 20130082. Fruit salad with fresh mint purée (blend mint leaves with lemon or lime juice)

I would love to hear how you get along with your own diet meal plans. Remember to also exercise. Choose something you enjoy doing so it doesn’t feel like punishment or a chore. Happy weight loss!

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Ameera Abraham is the Creative Director at The Nail Bar, a luxury nail spa and wellness centre located in Abuja. She’s a qualified aesthetician and is passionate about all things beauty!

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