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Mz Chizzy: Loving The One Who Got Away

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Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” is one helluva sad song. In the video, Katy, with her deep wrinkles, weathered skin and white-washed hair, is a sad old woman who aches over the love she lost in her youth. Both of them were truly, madly and deeply in love…Jack-and-Rose-kind-of-love and then the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. The dude died in a car wreck after a fight and Katy was never the same afterwards. You should watch the video…thank me later.

For so many of us though, ‘the one who got away’ didn’t get away because death happened. No. They got away because of certain circumstances that were totally beyond your control. They got away because you weren’t of the same religious denomination. They got away because the timing was all shades of wrong. They got away because you both had the same genotype – AS. They got away because…life is just not fair.

Admit it or not, we have all been cursed with the experience of losing someone we were once certain would hold value in our lives forever…that one person that will always have our heart…the one we envisioned marrying, living with and growing old together with…the person that you could have and should have ended up with but didn’t… that person you remember with a wistful sigh and wish everyday that things ended differently.
With this person, everything was great, everything was perfect, there was no flaw in the chemistry, but the cards just didn’t fall the right way. Even after 2, 5, 10 years of dating or marrying someone else, you still think ‘one who got away’ is/was The One and the only true love of your life. When you accomplish a big feat and celebrating with friends, you suddenly remember him/her and wish he/she was there to celebrate with you.

As much as it sucks, truth is ‘the one that got away’ will literally never go away. He/she is someone that you will forever regret. They will always pop up at inopportune moments in your life. Deal with it. Make do with your second-best and stop making comparisons.
A school of thought would argue that ‘settling’ for second-bests is probably the singular reason for the inflated rate of divorce…*big sigh* if only ‘the one that got away’ never got away.

So how exactly did the one that got away, get away? What could you have done differently? Has your life changed for better or for worse? Would you gladly leave your current partner if given the chance? Do share!

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MzChizzy is the writer behind She thinks for a living. She can simultaneously be the nicest and meanest person you’d ever meet. She loves fufu more than life itself and hates taking pictures with a passion. Follow her on Twitter @Mzz_Chizzy ‘cos you won’t find her on Instagram.

MzChizzy is the author of the realest, wittiest and shortest book on motherhood. Once Upon A Mother – The Untold Tales of Motherhood is a personal and raw perspective on the transition to motherhood. Chizzy also thinks for a living. She has over a decades' experience working as a marketing communications specialist. She likes to think that she inherited her dad’s mischievous sense of humour and you would often catch her laughing heartily to the point of tears. When she’s not thinking up an idea, laughing her head off or explaining the Express Entry japa process to the 1544th person for the umpteenth time, you’ll most likely find her on a playmat with A.Z.A – the Titanic Trio.

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