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Infertility is an alarming modern epidemic affecting more couples than ever.

Through years of practice we have found that a combination of Modern Mayr Medicine treatments can dramatically enhance the chances of a natural pregnancy.

At Mart Life Detox Clinic we have a strong interest in disorders of gynaecology, menopause and fertility as well as anxiety, depression and stress-related disorders.

Prof Ashiru and his dedicated team at Mart Life Detox Clinic offer a wide range of specialised therapies adjusted to personal needs. Proven Martlife Detox Clinic  tools are a combination of the following therapies and examinations:

  • Individual detoxification regime
  • Abdominal treatments and diagnosis
  • Hypoxicator
  • Hormone status and analysis
  • Infusion therapy
  • Reibe Sitz bath according to the German naturopath Louis Kuhne (1835–1901)
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Asyra Test

Gluten intolerance alone cannot cause infertility; however, the resulting inflammation in the gut can minimize your nutrient absorption and lead to deficiencies in nutrients you need for optimal sperm, egg and hormone production and a healthy pregnancy. Exposure to heavy metals, radiation, and toxic chemicals in some foods, drugs and other products can damage DNA.

Drinking (alcohol) and smoking dramatically reduces the chances to conceive! Seemingly simple, but incredibly important things like quitting smoking, cutting out alcohol and coffee can dramatically improve your fertility. Keeping fit and healthy is also a great way to boost your chances of conceiving.

“Rest, relax and release,” says Prof Ashiru. Reducing the levels of stress in your life has a dramatic effect on your chances of conceiving –Mart Life Detox Clinic is the place to start.”


Good nutrition of the mother is essential for the health of the baby as well as the adult the baby will become. It increases fertility by helping the implantation and early development of an embryo. Chances of a miscarriage are reduced. Good nutrition of the womb increases the weight of the baby and decreases the risk of poor health later in life.

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Ideal bodyweight is essential – weight loss has proven to significantly improve fertility and is key for a successful pregnancy.

Overweight women are 300% less likely to conceive, and far more likely to have a miscarriage. Even losing a little weight can increase the chances of a pregnancy dramatically.

Stress and Sleep

Stress or depression is implicated in ovulatory irregularities and abnormal sperm development. Lower levels of measurable physiological stress indicates a higher chance of conception. Sleep plays a major role in maintaining good homeostasis and well-being. Lack of sleep leads to physiological imbalances. It inhibits the release of growth hormones which is essential for tissue growth and maintenance of the body’s metabolism. The link of stress and lack of sleep to infertility is well recognised, and treatment at Mart Life Detox Clinic will always aim to improve stress response and the sleeping pattern.

One essential key to health lies in a balanced diet. Correct eating habits – when and how we eat – help our bodies make the most of the nutrients contained in our diet. Our goal is to strengthen the performance of the digestive system. This basic principle was first recognised by F.X. Mayr and was further perfected by Mart Life Detox Clinic. It stands for a balanced interplay of natural healing methods, combined with scientifically recognised therapies. We at Martlife help you to find your biological rhythm!


Address: 2 Olatubsoun Street, Shonibare Estate, Maryland, Ikeja.

Email: martlifedetoxclinic [at]

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