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Sodas & Popcorn Review: 10 Most Anticipated Movies Of Fall 2014



Hello folks. Good day and welcome to today’s episode of Sodas & Popcorn reviews. For huge movie buffs like myself, more than the summer hits, I am more concerned about the fall movies because this is the time when the best movies of the year will slug it out with each other when the awards season arrives.
So in recognition of this season which is upon us, (Fall Season) we are counting down our 10 Most Anticipated Movies Of Fall 2014…And Two Bonus movies.
By the way, if you missed our countdown of the Best 10 movies of summer 2014, you can check it out here.

So, in an order of my least anticipated to my most anticipated, here we go. Have fun!

Imitation Game (November 21)
For those who are familiar with Alan Turing, the legendary computer scientist who is one of the most important scientists of all time, we will get to see one of the best actors in the game Benedict Cumberbatch portray him and most likely book an Oscar nomination in one of the year’s most anticipated historical adaptations. This will definitely be a strong contender, come the award season and currently has a score of 9.0/10 on imdb.  The awards have begun sweeping in with it taking the top price at the Toronto film festival and earning highly positive reviews at Venice and Telluride film festivals.

Fury (October 17)
Acclaimed writer and fast rising Director David Ayer who pushes his actors to the limit and best known for writing Training Day and End of watch brings us the fictional WW2 tale of a small group of soldiers on a seemingly impossible task. Two things sold this movie for me. One, Brad Pitt who hardly disappoints me (except for the star studded and over ambitious The Counselor which still has me confused till this day) and two, I love WW2 dramas and the Director has a good reputation. The trailer also seems to have played its part in increasing my interest.

The Equalizer (September 26)
The Equalizer’s plot offers nothing new. We have seen it a thousand times. Action flick which has a man come out of retirement to save Cinderella. But I look forward to this movie for just one reason. Last time Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua teamed up, we had “Training Day”. Plus we all know Denzel can do no wrong (atleast I know.) The movie currently has a 8.1/10 rating on IMDB.

Unbroken (December 25)
The story Written by the legendary Coen Brothers, and Directorial debut of Angelina Jolie has the world interested in seeing how she will fare on the tall chair and is already being tipped for Oscar recognition by several school of thoughts.

Night Crawler (October 31)
I love the plot. It’s one of the most original plots I have seen this year. Jake Gyllenhaal(I owe you a movie ticket if you can pronounce his name right and of course if you can find me…lol) who is climbing my list of favorite actors at a pretty fast pace plays a daredevil who will stop at nothing to get the exclusive footage of events in the thriller about underground freelance crime journalism. This looks like it will be a career defining performance for Jake. The movie is already getting a lot of buzz at recently concluded movie festivals and has an impressive 8.5/10 score on IMDB.

Exodus: Gods and Kings (December 12)
Making me more interested in the project than Ridley Scott who is the director of the movie is Steven Zaillian. This is because I have noticed that the outcome of Ridley Scott’s movies are largely based on his stories. Bad story, bad Ridley (e.g The Counselor) and good story, good Ridley (e.g Gladiator and Black Hawk Down)

The Oscar winning writer of some of the best movies I have ever seen such as Schindler’s list, Gangs of Newyork, Money Ball and Girl With A Dragon tattoo wrote this. I am also interested in how Hollywood will treat the second big screen adaptation of a biblical historical figure, having been not too impressed with the first one.

Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Lives (November 7)
You all know this is largely because of Jennifer Lawrence right? I mean, who doesn’t like that girl? *Smiles* On a more serious note, I wasn’t a big fan of the first Hunger Games, but the second took me by surprise and was a hit for me. The way the movie ended had me and I believe every other Hunger Games groupie eager to see how the brewing war will play out. Can’t wait! District 12 baby!!!

October 1 (October 1)
I know, it’s quite sad just one Nigerian movie made my list. I have been very impressed by Stephanie Linus’s Dry, but its release date isn’t known yet and Lions of 76 seems to be somewhere in Limbo. Lancelot Imasuen’s Invasion 1897 would be on my top 15 list, but the trailer didn’t impress me much to be here. Anyways, back to the second most anticipated Nollywood movie of the year. First being Half Of A Yellow sun ofcourse which I enjoyed, but every other person seems to hate. Kunle Afolayan has hit the bull’s eye thrice, and aims for the 4th time. And from what I hear, he has hit it already. With early reviews and highly professional and skilled team involved in the project, I will definitely be there one October 1st when this movie opens to see if it is worth the buzz. I have a very positive feeling it will

The Hobbit: Battle of 5 Armies (December 17)
I am not the biggest fan of The Hobbit series. They aren’t even half as good as The Lord Of the rings franchise which is my best trilogy ever made. But I guess I love the middle earth world so much, I will watch anything centered round it. Hopefully, The Hobbit: Battle of 5 Armies will be better than the last two Hobbit movies.

Interstellar (November 7)
Simply put, It’s a Christopher Nolan production. Any Nolan fan knows he gives you very little information prior to the release of the movie and you simply get in and get blown away. Nolan is a fan of Dark mind twisters, and from the little we know of Interstellar, its a dark, sci-fi movie that involves space exploration. Top row, middle seat, Popcorn in my left hand, a can of soda on my right, first viewing of the day, closest cinema to me, that’s where I will be the day Interstellar opens in Nigeria.

I will love to see this movies, but for some reasons, I love the movies that made the top 10 better, but theses movies here are just too attractive for me to overlook them, so here they are.

Gone Girl (October 3)
Highly Acclaimed and critic favorite director, David Fincher best known for Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network, Fight Club, and the list goes on brings the bestselling Gone Girl to life with a talented cast. This will surely be a hit and is already an Oscar favorite. No doubt about it.

Fox Catcher (November 14)
Iconic Comedian and actor Steve Carell (Crazy Stupid love, 40 year old virgin) and versatile and talented actor Channing Tatum 22 Jump have had a great year already at festivals, especially the Cannes where director Bennett Miller won best director and was nominated for the Palme d’Or.

That’s it folks. The movies left in 2014 I will not miss. Not even for a date with Jocelyn Dumas. M.Y’s 10 Most Anticipated Movies Of Fall 2014 . Have you got your own picks? Let’s know in the comments box below.

Check out Kiki’s review of the highly underrated young actress, Chloë Grace Moretz’s  “If I Stay” here.

If you have anything you will like us to talk about (in the movie world), feel free to drop a comment below.


  1. Mz Socially Awkward...

    September 17, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    Dear Soda&Popcorn, I love you. Now let me grab my notepad…

    I was just saying to someone a couple of hours ago that now I’ve seen all the movies on my list of must-watch summer flicks (twice, in the case of “Guardians of the Galaxy”), I’ve got nothing to look forward to in the autumn line up. Thanks for saving me a trip to Metacritic.

    And was already planning to see “The Equalizer” which will be released next Thursday, whoohoo! Although, I’m curious – why wasn’s “Kingsmen – Secret Service” on your list? Can’t say it’s Oscar worthy but I saw trailers on Youtube and it looked entertaining.

    • Sodas & Popcorn

      September 18, 2014 at 8:19 am

      Smiles, Thats what we do. Help make movie choices for our readers. Glad our list could help you. About Kingsmen, to me(M.Y), it seems like another Action flick. Ofcourse I would love to see it, and definitely will, probably the day it comes out in Nigeria, but I am not so big on it.
      P.S I also love the trailer.

    • Berry Dakara

      September 18, 2014 at 9:30 am

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Wasn’t Galaxy of the Guardians all kinds of awesome?!?!?!? Cakes didn’t like it *gasp* Talkn bout it’s like a cartoon

  2. Tomi

    September 17, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    But I looove the counselor! ! I’m yet to find another being that gets that movie the way I do. Jake gyllenhaal forever has my heart after donnie darko ( I can pronounce his name even in my sleep). I have made it a rule in life never again to watch a nigerian movie at the cinema ( due to the facts that I will….1, not be getting my money’s worth. 2,would be wasting an hour and so minutes of my life that I can never get back on ridiculous acting and storylines 3, nothing intelligent worth learning…no facts, no realistic moral to the story, no inspiration of any kind, no lines worth quoting. …nothing. just 1 diamensional crap! 4, leave the cinema pissed off by the nonsense I just watched – which defeats the whole purpose of actually going to the cinema)… but I just might give october 1 a try, I still have a little bit of faith…deep, deep, deeeeep down and Yes, I am a movie buff.

    • Sodas & Popcorn

      September 18, 2014 at 8:27 am

      Really? You love The Counselor? We should probably exchange contacts so you can explain it to me. Been searching for someone who does…lol…btw, Give October 1 a shot like you said, I have a strong feeling you won’t regret it.

    • Tomi

      September 18, 2014 at 2:05 pm

      I’m forever eager to impose my version of classics and most watch movies on friends, family and absolute [email protected]

  3. Nana

    September 17, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Exodus is a movie I will not watch, why watch a movie where the Egyptian Royalties are all white black people get to play servants and the bad guys. This does not reflect the reality

    • Sodas & Popcorn

      September 18, 2014 at 8:29 am

      Lol..its made by Americans, don’t mind them. And if there is anything I have learnt from those folks, its that in everything they do, they take over and claim it for their country. But then, they still make great movies, so I guess I am stuck with them.

  4. Nikky

    September 17, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    I am so waiting for the hobbit. I would have loved to watch part one of the final chapter if the hunger games series but i won’t. This Hollywood people are learning work from naija with all this unnecessary part one and two nonsense. (the hobbit is an exception). As for naija movies there are few impressive ones but….

  5. Bellemoizelle

    September 17, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    Most times I watch most Nigerian movies to laugh,but I have been anticipating ‘October 1’ 4 almost a year!Am sure it wont be disappointing,saw ‘Figurine’ and loved it and am sure October will be cool!Another movie I will watch when the hype reduces lol,like when they are no longer movies of the week!curse me ooo na my alaroro instincts as I no dey form or I download and watch on the laptop! Ok bye …..La vie est belle…..

    • Sodas & Popcorn

      September 18, 2014 at 8:31 am

      Come on Bellemoizelle, go out to the cinema closest to you and support your industry. Those guys have spent “sh*t loads of money on that movie you know, and this might just be really good!

  6. Ife

    September 18, 2014 at 3:25 am

    Not to be a wet blanket or anything but why and when did we start having a ‘fall’ season in Nigeria??

    • Sodas & Popcorn

      September 18, 2014 at 8:16 am

      In the movie world, there are two major seasons. Summer and Fall. This isn’t about the seasons of the “Oyinbos” this is the “Seasons of movies”….So there is a difference.

  7. Suwa

    September 18, 2014 at 9:58 am

    Im so tantalized!!! cant wait, the trailers are sick, please hope “dear white people” and “dracula” are going to show here too

  8. Uk

    September 18, 2014 at 11:23 am

    There is no more Nollywood – or any good African movies being released, that’s why all these movies are from Hollywood? How can you call yourself a Nigerian entertainment blog? Because we have movies being released every other month, your blog should be on overdrive, writing articles on the movies we create, movie critics, that’s the pressure nollywood needs to get better. How can our people grow, if they’re not supported? Is this how low we Nigerians have become? Everything foreign seems to be better than what we create? How is watching any of these movies going to boost out Nigerian economy? We need to start valuing what we have, everything foreign is not always better. E.g: the Hollywood movie “blood diamonds” from a few years ago; copied our Nigerian Teco Benson’s “blood diamonds” movie from the 90’s almost verbatim. So you see? Wetin you dey find for sokoto, already dey for shokoto! If you appreciate yourself (Nigerian), other people (countries) will appreciate us.
    ~chioma uk ~ D.C, USA.

    • dataztechchic

      September 18, 2014 at 1:33 pm

      its sad yes,but u cant force people to go and c a movie they dont want,especially when they keep shelling out crap every day of d a workaholic so the few free times i have i rather go watch a hollywood movie and have a good time.

    • Tomi

      September 18, 2014 at 2:02 pm

      Every other week you mean, some things are not worth analysing, they just should have known better! ! People that have no business making movies decide to pile a bunch of disconnected scenes that don’t make sense or fit into any particular genre whatsoever and call it a movie, worse yet a nigerian movie for most nigerians and none nigerians to laugh at regardless of it’s intentions. So no, it is not a matter of ” how low” we nigerians have become, it’s a matter of refusing to eat sh*t and call it chocolate! ! In this particular case foreign movies (most of them, hence majority winning the case) are BETTER than nigerian movies. The first step to solving a problem is accepting your situation. There’s a reason why nollywood sounds alot like Hollywood or bollywood( let’s not even touch ghanian movies). I feel CHEATED every time I watch a nigerian movie. I give praise where praise is due so i do acknowledge the efforts of a minuet few. Yes there should be more movie critics out there maybe the movie industry will feel the pressure but there’s only so much gibberish one can watch before you become bitter and desensitized, more over there are other issues the movie industry needs to tackle before it has any ripple effect on our economy. I do not think nollywood has gotten up to the standard of hollywood in the 50’s. I sincerely hope alot of thought process starts going into movie making because whether we like it or not it is a reflection and representation of nigeria, and I look forward to the day I can be proud of nigerian movies. It is better to critique truthfully than nuture rubbish all in the name of patriotism.

  9. bisous

    September 18, 2014 at 11:56 am

    Next time can we also have plots? To me this is just an article about why you are personally looking forward to these films. I know you put the trailers but please put the plots in your review next time…

    • Sodas & Popcorn

      September 18, 2014 at 2:25 pm

      Sure thing. Thanks for the advice.

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