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1,000 Prophets & Clerics to Conduct Spiritual Cleansing on Ekiti Government House as Fayose Enters

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After preparing for his impending inauguration with a grand photo shoot, Ekiti State governor-elect, Ayo Fayose is set to do some spiritual preparations.

As he is inaugurated into office today, 1,000 prophets, pastors and muslim clerics will be conducting a spiritual cleansing of the Ekiti government house, Vanguard reports.

“I am inviting all our men of God to follow us to Oke Ayobo, Government House on Thursday to do some spiritual cleansing there. But let me emphasise that we are only inviting pastors who are divinely called to lead us to Government House

They (clerics) would be in front, we shall follow them, our men of God would use the power of prayer to conquer,” he said.


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