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#BNFroFriday: LOC Method & Alternative Methods to Maintaining Moisture on 4c Natural Hair by Nappyfu TV



Hey guys, it’s another #BNFroFriday. When it comes to moisturising hair, there are so many questions to answer. Questions like how do you moisturise? Do you seal after? Do you need to seal? Do you use oils or butters or both? LCO or LOC? What is L.O.C anyway? Let’s talk about it!

Here’s a quick introduction. L is for Liquid, O is for Oil or Butter depending on your preference and C is for Cream. LOC.

bnfrofriday loc method moisturise and seal natural hair bellanaija june 2016IMG_8767_

The photo above shows what happens when you use this method of moisturising. The photo on the left is how we imagine things work in layers but the photo on the right is how things actually happen, the oil and cream mixes up while the liquid is the first layer that stays closer to your hair strands.

In this video today, Grace of Nappyfu TV is talking about the LOC method and alternative methods to maintaining moisture on 4c natural hair. Here’s what she said,

“Moisturizing dry natural hair is a task but maintaining moisture is even more of a task. A lot of us use the LOC method. But there is also LCO, LBO, LOB (B being Butter) and so many more now that it’s confusing. Which one is best? Some use Shea Butter instead of oils. Some use a leave-in instead of liquid. Is that right? Chicoro author of Grow It, came up with a simple system (LOC method) that we have modified to fit our 4c hair, 4b hair and so on. Which is fine but for some of us, this has led to confusion.

Moisturizing dry natural hair is simple once you get your method down. A good regimen also brings moisture retention. The key to this LOC method no matter how we spin it is to retain moisture. If what you are doing now is not retaining moisture this video can help you. In this video I discuss the LCO vs LCO and introduce the truth about what really happens in both. I also show you how I moisturize my 4c hair on wash day. Yea it’s a lot but super helpful.

My Method:
The way I moisturize my 4c hair works for me. How do I know because I have been retaining moisture. If you are not retaining moisture either switch your method, products, or both. You do not have to follow the methods that is what the community say is norm you have to follow what your hair tells you is norm for itself. Not all textures are equal. Chicoro hair texture is not 4c like mine. My hair needs a bit more than just LCO or LOC. If your do too then give it and thrive!”

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Photo Credits: The Natural Haven

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