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“Dear Nigerians in Nigeria, Black Lives Matter” – WATCH a New Episode of ‘As Toyo Sees’



Toyosi Phillips is out with a new episode of “As Toyo Sees“. On this episode she is talking about the fact that black lives matter no matter where you are.

She says “I’ve heard Nigerians in Nigeria complain about how we’re drinking Panadol for America’s headache. Here’s why I think, Nigerians in Nigeria should care about the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Watch below.


  1. Sicilian

    July 18, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    If you probe the beginning of the US, you would more likely than not stumble on ‘mass genocide’ of natives who were born in the land.

    Asians [Japanese etc], Africans, Irish, Mexicans, Jews and other natives experienced oppression around those times.

    Some still feel [and possibly experience] that oppression till date, in the US and across the world. Let us be honest, the outcry is perhaps louder in the US.

    The only way to be viewed differently from the ‘ancestral slave stereotype’ is to take deliberate effort as an individual and as a community of people. Everyone who finds themselves in this space must shake off the identity and let go of the destructive witlessness that initiated the oppressive movement.

    Black Africans are no longer slaves and the only way to drive this home is to quit thinking, feeling and above all, stop acting like slaves.

    There have been known cases where young, white boys have used ‘Affluenza’ as defense for murder. This seems to enrage the collective Minority communities as explained in the intro of this piece.

    These same minorities would be quick to blame the neighbourhood where they lived their childhood as the reason for the alleged crime.

    Can you see the different application of reasoning in this scenario? I am not been condescending but the truth often times can be bitter.

    Worse still, our People [Since I am Black] would take some steps ahead and blame their childhood socio-economic constraints and restraints for their seeming lack of success.

    The game of excuses and finger-pointing really needs to stop.

    It is not really about who is wrong or right.

    While we do not want to fuel the ambits of racism, White folks need to stop pretending they do not stir racism. Minorities [not just Blacks] have got to quit blaming Whites for stagnation.

    The ‘Black Lives Matter’ conversation has lost the plot. It has lost its thrust. It is Racism turned on its head. Members of the Minority communities are victims of varying wrongs but the outcry is loudest when the melanin is involved. It is victory for the Media and The selfish politicians. The People are the losers.

    The World needs True Peace, We should learn how best to propagate same!

  2. Anthony Awolowo

    July 18, 2016 at 8:03 pm

    I support you toyosi because I find it extremely funny that Nigerians forget that their children and families are living abroad. That is, if blacks are being killed for just the color of their skin, then they should be scared about how their kids or family in Amerjca will survive the genocide against blacks. Some Nigerians might argue that black Americans are being killed because of their love for crime , drugs and other illicit behavior but I choose to disagree because the likes of Freddie grey, Tammy rice, Alton sterling , Sandra bland and philando Castile are valid examples of blacks who were killed for just the color of their skin. Remember, you Nigerians stressing on how we have our own issues, remember you are sending your children abroad like our leaders because our education is poor. Your children will move to America and they will no longer be viewed as a Nigerian rather they will be viewed as a black boy or girl and as a result they will begin to experience the harsh realities that black Americans face. I remember when they were killing Nigerian kids in Dubai, our government didn’t utter a word until they killed the child of a prominent official( Alameiseya) and by that time, it was awfully late. Remember, as I stressed previously, nobody will stop your 19 year old Nigerian son or daughter attending college in America and ask them if they are black American because their looks and skin color will place them under the black American category. So I am ashamed that our Nigerian president hasn’t talked about the continuous killings of black men and women in America.. Indeed, it is baffling to imagine that we blacks are not coming to an epiphany that we are black people no matter what our damn nationality is. The annoying thing is that whites , Arabs, Asians and all other races will fight for their own race but blacks will not because we hate eachother, Nigerians shine your eyes especially you people that love traveling abroad because there is a war on blacks and your government isn’t saying anything about it.

    • ElessarisElendil

      July 19, 2016 at 5:47 am

      “The annoying thing is that whites , Arabs, Asians and all other races will fight for their own race”: Now that’s just patently false!!

      Whites, Arabs and Asians have killed and oppressed more of their “race” than they have of others.

      Of course black lives or all lives matter. Do I drink panadol on their behalf? No!! Too busy living with the fact that the life of a Nigerian in Nigeria is more at risk than that of a Black American in America.

      War on blacks, you people need to seriously chill, if “they” wanted blacks dead, all they need do is not lift a finger the next time Ebola or a famine rolls around.

    • John Bull

      July 20, 2016 at 6:50 pm

      My advise to Nigerians is simple.Just don’t go and live in America.

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