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Nicole Chikwe: 7 Tips to Try Today For A Clearer Complexion and Flawless Skin



Hi Everyone!

There’s a lot of information out there on skincare products and ingredients that are good for fighting blemishes, but great skin doesn’t only come from what you put on your skin but from adopting certain habits too. Here are some handy tips to go hand in hand with your skincare routine that’ll keep your skin in tip top shape.

1) Disinfect Your Phone

Hands in the air if you regularly sanitise your phone. Yes, just as I thought. I only see a few. Tsk tsk guys! Everyone please go out and buy some hand sanitiser today, and every evening apply some to a cotton pad and wipe down your phone. Phones apparently carry more bacteria than a toilet bowl (yuck), and we are constantly holding a major source of bacteria next to our cheeks, or holding it in our hands and touching our faces (double yuck). So please sanitise in order to reduce exposing your skin and keeping it as clean and healthy as possible.

2) Tweak Your Diet

Does sugar cause acne? Yes! Too much insulin in your bloodstream can trigger the growth of pore clogging cells and boost sebum production. Excess Sebum + Dead Skin Cells = Pore Blockage.  So avoid refined sugary snacks and drinks and make the switch from High Glycemic Index foods like white bread and rice to Low Glycemic Index foods like sweet potatoes (I actually love these and can eat them everyday), oatmeal and bulgur wheat.

3) Exercise

This works in two ways. Exercise reduces stress (stress leads to your hormone levels becoming imbalanced, leading to breakouts), and physical activity increases blood circulation which sends more oxygen to your skin cells and carries cell waste away, leaving your pores cleaner and clearer. However, don’t forget to shower afterwards because all that waste, oil and dirt can actually break you out. Life is truly a conundrum.

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4) Up Your Water Intake

I’ve mentioned this HERE before, but it’s worth mentioning again – your skin is 64% water. Your skin is also the largest body organ and the last organ to receive any water that you consume. So if you aren’t drinking enough, your skin becomes dehydrated, leading to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin could also increase oil production to make up for the lack of moisture which could lead to pore blockages and therefore blemishes. So drink at least 2 litres a day, and if you are a real G make it 3!

5) Drink Some Tea

We all know that drinking certain types of teas have great health benefits – but did you know that some teas are good for your complexion as well? Tea is packed with antioxidants which can keep your skin hydrated and radiant, reduce inflammation and reverse sun damage. My two favourite Glow Inducing Teas are Green Tea which is loaded with anti aging minerals, and Rooibos Tea which is amazing for acne inflammation. Another tea that is currently getting a lot of buzz in beauty circles for fighting blemishes is Spearmint Tea, as it is said to balance hormones – so if you suffer from hormonal acne (which is truly the worst, I’ve been there) this might be worth a try!

6) Change Your Pillowcases Often

Not changing pillowcases regularly can lead to Acne Mechanica – which is any type of acne that is caused by materials or objects touching your face. Pillowcases carry a lot of dirt and oil from your skin and hair, and pressing your freshly cleansed face against this at night for HOURS means you could wake up to clogged pores and blemishes.

7) Clean Your Makeup Tools

Makeup brushes and tools also harbour bacteria and dead skin cells which could also lead to the aforementioned Acne Mechanica, so it is important to wash them every week and use an antibacterial spray after each use to keep your brushes and tools sanitised. If you get your makeup done by a professional, always ask if they could kindly spray the brushes before they are used on you (in your presence) because I have heard several horror stories about unclean tools and eye infections, skin irritations and all sorts.

And that’s it folks! There’s no point in investing so much money on skincare products if you are unknowingly negating what you are working towards, so give some (or all if you can) of these tips a try.

Until Next Time,


Nicole is an ex-model, a mother of two beautiful children, and the girl Naeto C raps about in “5&6” who kidnaps all his clothes. She is also a Beauty Enthusiast and Blogger- her website- -is An Insider’s Guide to Beauty Secrets, Not-So-Secrets and Everything In-Between.

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