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Experience a World of Fantasy, Magic & Passion at CATUMA Wine Tasting Party | Friday, August 26th



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Finally, the unique Drink for #AphroGirls officially reaches Africa’s Party Capital. CATUMA – the unique “Sparkling Energy Wine” in a sexy bottle invites you to experience a taste inspired by a perfect blend of playful confidence with a delightful erotic finish and a magic mix of organic sucrose free natural herbs extracts

The exclusive launch promises a journey into a world of fantasy, magic and passion. Alongside Good People, Ambience, Groove and CATUMA sparkling wine will also be available for tasting … the perfect way to reward yourself with a delicious walk on the wild side

So are you sophisticated, passionate, classy, savvy, mischievous, feisty, a charmer, sexy, charismatic, chatty, outgoing and fearless?

If the answer is yes…then visit for a special invite to the wine tasting party on Friday, the 26th of August 2016

Date: Friday, August 26th, 2016

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