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WATCH Episode 4 of the New Superstory Series “Stars & Scars” on BN TV

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Episode 4 of Superstory series “Stars & Scars” is here!

In episode 4:

Bobby felt betrayed as a result of Cherise’s collabo with Castro and whipped her mercilessly with a belt. After a family meeting, Mabel’s relatives mandated everyone to contribute N100,000 each towards the renovation of their grandmother’s house. Bobby became rather too caring towards Cherise and apologized for hitting her but Cherise seemed not to be moved. Mabel bought some home appliances from her office cooperative at a discounted rate, this angered Segun but they eventually agreed not to take decisions without consulting each other. Mabel called Cherise to inform her about the family contribution; Bobby overheard the discussion and volunteered to pay for everything though for his own selfish reasons. Meanwhile, Segun isn’t comfortable with Bobby’s assistance. What could be his reasons this time?

Watch below.

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