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Myths, Misconceptions & Mischief MakersA few years ago, I usually boarded the white buses that plied the Ikorodu axis on my way to work every morning.  I always looked forward to boarding these buses because of the ‘entertainment’ as different interesting characters came to sell their wares. These traders, who looked unkempt and non-convincing, sold everything from books to herbs and drugs. The drug and herb sellers in particular, had products that could cure every illness, heal every disease and perform all wonders…. Except maybe raise the dead. Their products came in uninspiring packages ranging from unevenly cut brown envelopes haphazardly stapled by the edges to dirty looking plastic containers that once housed a different substance.

Yet these traders would present their wares and different passengers would buy. Each time they marketed their wares. Passengers patronized them. Sometimes, I wondered if the traders also employed some form of hypnosis techniques because the goods being sold did not even seem fit for a mad man. “This melecine (medicine) go remove evil from ya bodi. E go give you good luck … you fit get visa, get contract…  e fit make you marry sef!”

Can you imagine such claims definitely not supported by research?

I have also watched to see if any of the traders would claim that their drug could raise the dead but no one presented such an extreme benefit; especially given that such a claim may reveal them as frauds. I always wondered how any right thinking individual would believe that the solution to their health, wealth or marital or visa challenges lay in a rusty looking container.

Some passengers would even quickly swallow the contents of these containers; contents that may not have been validated by scientific research God help us! Yet when a modern designed product or system is presented, mischief makers or adults (who should know better) will bring up so many myths and misconceptions and pass them off as fact!

Before you buy a product being touted as capable of doing this or that, verify the claim and the person giving such claims. When an institution like the World Health Organization (WHO), states a claim regarding contraceptives or family planning, smart people like you and me should listen. When it comes to using contraceptives, myths have thrived for many years and scared a lot of potential users away. For instance, there is a myth that contraceptive cause infertility has been scaring users away, but W.H.O has said over and over again that they do not and their own claim is based on reports from rigorous scientific observation and research.

So the question is, who will you believe- myths or facts? Want to separate the contraceptive myths from the facts? Click here.


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  1. jefka

    October 27, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    Really???????? That’s the end?

  2. samson yemisi

    October 31, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    Pls, i gat a lot of qst to ask privately. How can i get intouch wit you

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