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When Is It Appropriate to Teach Your Children about Sex? WATCH the Ladies of “The View” Discuss it



When is it appropriate to teach your children about sex?

In this episode of “The View”, the ladies discuss if it is ever too early to talk about sex with your children.

Watch below.


  1. Bokun

    October 13, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    As far as I’m concerned you can never be too early. You can be to late and the results can be devastating.

    • Beautiful

      October 13, 2016 at 3:48 pm

      GBAM. Children are fragile in nature but they are not feeble minded, so it’s better to start to early than too late. I think parents should start from a very young age to speak with their young ones about inappropriate touching regardless of who the perpetrator is. In many cases, a lot of parents spend too much time warning kids about strangers and not enough time telling them to be careful in general because most abuse victims are/were abused by people they know (relatives, family friends, parents’ colleagues/associates, neighbors, etc.). Some of these so called uncles, aunties, “men and women of God” and so on know they will not be suspected, so they abuse their privilege and position as trusted adults and violate the children they are supposed to be looking out for. A lot of parents are also so caught up in their righteousness, ignorance, religiousness, etc. that they become blind to their children’s abuse or live in denial… some of them even assault their children when they speak out all in the name of avoiding public scrutiny and shame.

      We have a long way to go and we have to do better. Your 5 year old is not too young to know that it’s inappropriate for anybody to touch his or her body or touch anyone else’s. Your 5 year old is not too young to know that she can confide in you if anybody says or does something that is inappropriate. Sex talk must be given from a place of love, understanding and for educational purpose rather than trying to scare children with it. It’s not a coincidence that a lot of times, preachers kids (or children of religious leaders) end up becoming wilder than children of regular Joes. Part of it is because they are taught to view sex as a burden, a fearful act, etc… so when they finally get to know a different side of that message that is less restrictive and scary, they take it, run with it and misuse it. Long story short, teach your children about sex, parts of the body, etc., so they won’t learn from their others or perverts who will offer to demonstrate/show them.

      A good way to start such conversation with young children is to read a book together that talks about parts of the body. As you read it, point out the importance/uses of each and why it is unacceptable for others to touch it unless they are both consenting adult. Abeg, biko, por favor, leave all that because it’s a sin outside the door. Use logical argument because this whole it’s a sin thing is why some children fall prey to religious leaders. They assume, well it must not be a sin if Father this, Pastor that or whoever is the one doing it or if a religious leader said it’s okay. Start with the basics and use actual names of the body parts not slangs or nicknames; then as they grow, you upgrade the level of information you share with them. Sex education plays a pivotal role in keeping children informed and at the same time, keeping them away from engaging in sexual behaviors from early age. Inform them, educate them and support them when they come to you with questions or to share an experience… It’s harder for parents who did not get sex education or “the talk” to struggle with teaching their own kids but any parents can do it if they are willing to equip themselves with facts and prepare themselves well enough to be bold, loving and attentive when they give the talk. Cheers!

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