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Friend or Frenemy? Patricia Bright talks ‘Fake Friends’ in her New Vlog on BN TV | Watch

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Lifestyle vlogger Patricia Bright speaks on the topic of fake friends and frenemies. She’s gives examples of different fake friends and frenemies and how to spot them. Watch the video to know if you have any of these fake friends in your life or if you’re one yourself!

Patricia said;

Well it is a new year and its one of those times to really assess the kind of people in your life, being aware of the wolfs in sheeps clothing. Friendship is important, make sure you cherish it!

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  1. just me, not flaky frenemy, just a a good friend who have faults

    January 20, 2017 at 1:38 am

    I have a question guys. So watching this made me feel sick to my stomach. I was thinking I couldnt be the flaky friend. 🙁 . So I work internationally and travel a lot for my work. I decided to spend part of my holidays in france hoping to be in Nigeria for a really good friend’s wedding by the mid-December and my parents golden anniversary. Now she invited me, even went so far to ask for my measurements for custom made aseobi ( She went beyond and above to get me involved). Now this is like the second time I have missed linking up with her. We haven’t seen since 2009, but kept in touch here and there as we each found our own paths and passions as the years went by. I thought I could spend time with my fiancee and also make it to Naija for her wedding and my parents golden anniversary, but it didn’t happen. Now the problem is my fiancee sister was clearing the room where we would stay and I put my passports carrier in the room, went site seeing with my fiancee and his parents , and then three days before I was suppose to leave for naija, I looked for my passports and couldn’t find them. I was livid. I didn’t remember where I had put it. So fast forward my fiancee sister told me she thinks she might have thrown it away with the rubbish a few days before when she cleared the room. I was sick to my stomach. I went to USA embassy got an emergency passport, then went to Nigerian embassy in Paris to attempt to get an emergency passport, only to be told I had to produce my parent’s birth certificate and etc, and that it would cost me almost 350 euros. I told them I can’t possibly get the original birth certificates, that they can see I was born in Naija, as the American passport shows where I was born. They then told me they cannot change the rules that I should apply for a visa then, so I did. They told to come back on the 27th after holiday for the visa, and so I did, hoping I will make it to at least part of the wedding( having missed my parents anniversary and my friends traditional). So I go to the stupid incompetent Nigerian embassy only to be told that they have been warned not to expedite any visas, that ill have to go through regular processing, the lady promised me within 3 business days I should have my us passport and visa in it. So I waited, three days passed and no passport.I called the office and they told me that the lady told me wrong, that due to holidays it would take at least a week to two weeks maximum. I was shocked. I was out of both passports and couldn’t leave France. I didnt get the passport until this week. .My friend went on to have a beautiful wedding and shower, but I just feel so horrible that I missed it because I know she would attend mine. It wasn’t my fault, but I felt if I had just flown to naija straight as originally planned, and as I had promised, instead of stopping in France that all these could have been avoided. I never want to be that flaky friend, or assumed flaky. I apologized but knowing her, I think she was super disappointed. My parents were pissed off, but understanding since ill be home in the summer. So guys, if you were my friend would you talk to me again. Sorry for the long story.

    • Catherine

      January 20, 2017 at 8:20 am

      Hey girl; I know how you feel. If I were your friend, yes, I would be hurt, but I would also have to be honest to myself and admit that these things were not in your control. Mature friends are able to overcome these kind of hurdles. I am sure you have apologized; just keep being the good friend you can be and keep getting better at it, as she also gets better from her end (it takes two to keep a friendship).

      And do not read meaning into every action of hers; for example, she is newly wedded and would be faced with her own changes hence might seem a bit stand-offish but that does not mean she has a personal problem with you; she might just be struggling with other things she can not really share with you. Also know that because of our different life schedules and the influence of life experiences, spiritual maturity etc, the dynamics of our friendships may change over time; sometimes we just have to embrace the new form our friendship has taken.

      I do not know if you are spiritual, but if you are, then you could also tell God about how you are feeling and how he should mend any broken feelings and restore your friendship in a refreshing way full of trust and love. God knows your heart and that of your friends and He knows how best to fix things according to His will.

      Do not beat yourself up. From your write up, it appears you truly care and love this friend of yours, which is what matters. Pray to God for your friend to discern that genuineness in your spirit instead of relying on her perception of how things may have looked/appeared. Sometimes we rely too much on perception and less on the wisdom, knowledge, and discernment of God.

      Wishing you all the best with all your relationships; family, fiance, and friends. xx

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