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Why is there so Much Pressure Leading Up to the 30s? WATCH this Trailer for an Insightful New Documentary “4th Decade”

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The 30s comes with its own type of pressure. There’s a certain air of expectation that grows around people as they get closer to their 30th birthday. For some, they become pet projects for friends and family who try to match-make them at the slightest opportunity; for others, they are constantly reminded of what they have not accomplished and for some still, it is that feeling of weariness at not knowing what the future holds.

So three women in media came together to create this piece of work – Tobe Nneji (TobeDaDiva), who just started her 4th Decade and prior to this was going through the highs and lows of the anticipation of turning 30; media personality and producer Toyosi Phillips, who is living through her 4th Decade excitedly and contentedly and Julia Chinazor Mbaebie, who is still basking in her 20s but starting to wonder about the 30s.

Together, they got valuable insight into the lives of people living through their 30s in this body of work titled the 4thDecade.

The stories and thoughts of the interviewees will inspire and open young adults below 40 up to living through their 4th Decade fully and freely.

Watch trailer below

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