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#UnionBank100BellaNaija | Union Bank & BellaNaija’s Valentine Season Giveaway Starts Tomorrow…Find Out how to be 1 of 10 People to Share N1,000,000

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Hey BellaNaijarians,

As promised, Union Bank and BellaNaija are giving away N1,000,000 to our BellaNaijarians this Valentine Season. We asked how the money should be shared and several people voted for it to be shared between 10 people at N100,000 each, and that’s what we are doing!

Union Bank is celebrating its 100-year anniversary with lovers and in collaboration with BellaNaija, Union Bank is set to reward 10 people with N100,000. With the theme ‘100 Ways to Find Love‘,  the competition kicks off tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow, 1 special Union Bank loving BNer will get to win N100,000 Daily for the next Ten Days and it is really easy to win.

All you have to do is share a funny and interesting story on how you found love.

You can share your love story on the Daily Post on BellaNaija Website, on your Instagram page, Twitter page or via your Facebook page (Note that entries made via Private Pages will not be visible and are ineligible).

We will share more details tomorrow but for now, here are some of the terms and conditions:

  • Participant must be 18 and above based in Nigeria.
  • Everyone over 18 based in Nigeria can enter. However, payment will ONLY be made into the winner’s Union Bank account. If you do not have one, you can open one now in faith  or after you win.
  • All entries must have the official hashtag for the competition – #UnionBank100BellaNaija
  • Quick tip – All entrants are advised to follow Union Bank social media accounts on your favourite platforms – Facebook – @unionbankng, Twitter – @unionbank_ng and Instagram – @unionbankng
  • We understand that not everyone is on social media and this competition is open to you regardless. However, during the selection of daily winners, whether or not you follow Union Bank on social media will be used as a tie-breaker to select the winner. So you are up against a Union Bank follower, they’re gonna win! So get following!
  • You can only win once during the course of this competition but you can keep entering until you *fingers crossed* WIN
  • All instructions must be followed to win, any step missed will lead to automatic disqualification.

*Terms & Conditions Apply*

Look out for the first post on how to win tomorrow!

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