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Catch up on Season 3 of Comedy Series “Professor JohnBull” | Watch Episodes 1-4 on BN TV!



Have you been following the antics of Professor JohnBull and the gang? Season 3 of the comedy series is here and don’t worry, BN TV has got you covered!

Catch up on episodes 1-4 of Professor JohnBull as he and his friends crack you up!

Watch videos below!

Episode 1 – Be My Val
In the new episode, Professor Johnbull pontificates on the celebration of Valentine’s day. Among other issues, the erudite scholar tries to examine the concept of true love. Should love be celebrated only on one day in a year? Should love be mutual, sacrificial or be based on what one can gain from the other party? What are the fortunes of the less privileged, the orphans and the abandoned ones on Valentine’s Day? Is Valentine’s Day a day to defraud people? What are the games ladies play on Valentine Day? Viewers will find answers to all these questions in the episode.

Episode 2 – Make Money Miss
In the new episode tagged Make Money Miss (MMM), the programme brings to the fore the folly of investing in online money networks, otherwise known as ponzi scheme, and the attendant pains it brings to participants who fall victim when their transactions collapse.

Episode 3 – 100 Meters
The episode entitled 100 Metres lampoons the situation where people run helter-skelter just because they saw a few other people running, without bothering to know the cause of the panic in the first instance.

Episode 4 – Estate Agents
Besides lampooning the exploitative tendencies of the fake estate agents, the episode raises other issues such as the proliferation of charges by real estate practitioners. Viewers will, at the end of the episode, have answers to questions such as: Who is a fake estate agent? Are there acceptable charges in the real estate industry? Is there any difference between ‘agreement fee’ and ‘agent fee’? Should landlords who give out their property charge any other fee apart from the rent?

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