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Flying Just Got Easier with #KLMExperience! Win a Full Refund when You Fly with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – Find Out How to WIN



You can still be a part of the #KLMExperience competition!

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has amazing prizes to give and you just might be the one. The winner will get a refund of the money he/she paid for his/her ticket for a KLM Royal Dutch Airline flight.

Get the details below!

The Process

From NOW to April 7th you are expected to BUY your KLM tickets. Anyone who buys his/her ticket outside this period is not eligible to participate.

From NOW – April 26th Individuals are expected to have flown with the KLM ticket.

The competition will officially start on April 24th and will run until April 27th (4PM), and participants are required to share their experience on KLM’s Official Facebook page by posting a video or picture with a creative write-up.

After this, tell your friends to like your entry.

KLM will pick the winner based on the number of likes on each entry.

Quite easy to participate, right?

Stay tuned to us for updates on the #KLMExperience competition.

Hurry! Go get your tickets now, and when the competition starts, make sure you post your entry on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ Facebook page.


  1. RE

    March 25, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    I love KLM, they actually care about their customers unlike most airlines (especially in Nigeria)!! They overbooked my flight 2 years ago, so they put me on the same flight the next day, gave me 600 Euros, night at a hotel with 4 free meals. Also I got some miles in rewards.

    • o

      March 25, 2017 at 6:27 pm

      Guess its because the issue was their fault. Something similar happened to my friend and his wife a while back too and they were both given €600 each. However in my and my husband’s case, we missed the flight in Schipol because the one from the UK was delayed due to bad weather. They put us up in Sheraton with 4 meal vouchers after getting us visas to go in. No free € cos it was a problem beyond their control. I really wished for the € tho. LOL!! However, I like the entire SkyTeam alliance and never fly outside the alliance. Their loyalty system is great!

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