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Watch Episode 1 of Mobola Rahman’s New Monologue Series “Being Bola” as she talks Depression



Mobola Rahman begins her monologue project “Beingbola” which is all about telling stories, through writing, film, and photography, the aim is to show people that humanity is a shared experience. No one is alone.

The monologue is a speech by a singular person to express their mental thoughts and feelings.

Episode One features Cornelia acted by Precious Nwabugo.

She’s Nigerian- American, who moved to America when she was 14 with her mother. Cornelia currently works as a Financial analyst in DC. She enjoys playing the piano and knitting scarfs and sweaters for her siblings and their children.

She feels unnoticed and unloved. It was never a big problem but over time, it just seemed to escalate. Her story wouldn’t be on the news, it wouldn’t be in the papers, she will just another one who crumbles, she wasn’t strong enough to just deal it, to ‘get over it.’



  1. Vivian Zems

    March 4, 2017 at 1:12 am

    Its about time this illness was brought to the fore.
    Ignorance about depression has led many sufferers to avoid seeking the help they so desperately need. This is especially true amongst Africans.
    I remember, it was not too long ago when celebrities in the West began owning up to their battles with depression. It began to de-sigmatise the illness. Unfortunately, our people put it down to ‘attention seeking’, or ‘weak-mindedness’.
    There is NO SHAME in mental illness.

    Thank you

  2. Elizabeth

    March 4, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    Very nice monologue. Sometimes we see mental health problems as spiritual and fail to see the doctor to get a proper medical assessment, leading to the problem worsening.

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