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#BNFroFriday: ‘Fake it Till You Grow it’ with Toni Olaoye’s Fake but Realistic Afro Puff Tutorial



Sometimes, you’ve just got to fake it till you make it or in Toni Olaoye‘s case, fake it till you grow it!

Today the beauty vlogger shares a quick way to fake that extra length and fullness in a classic double afro puff hairstyle. It’s a cute summer look that’s perfect for the edgy naturalista. If you’re a working woman and can’t rock a double puff, try this style on a single puff or a simple bun and you’re good to go.


Toni used a drawstring ponytail to achieve this look but if you can’t get your hands on that kind of wig, try this crochet method by Jane Nashe. It might take some time but it’s totally worth it.


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  1. Angie

    April 29, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    I really love watching Natural Hair Tutorials, this is quite similar to Tuke Morgan’s Natural Hair tutorials that she has been putting up recently. Hoping I have the courage to start a YouTube channel soon.

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