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Depressed? Stressed? Burnt Out? Watch Ruby Suze Speak on Mental Heath in her Latest Vlog on BN TV



In her new vlog, Ruby Suze is opening up about battling with mental health as she shares her experiences and challenges.

She says:

This is mental health week and I felt led to share the challenges I’ve experienced with my mental health. Never intended for things to get this deep on my channel but, I strongly believe that the experiences we have are never just our own…they are always meant for someone else.

I suffered a mental meltdown in June 2016 and this video is a snapshot of how I felt before the actual meltdown occurred. My next video will explain my whole journey.

If you are watching this and feeling the same way I did, firstly I want to say well done…the fact that you are watching this means that you are looking for help and that isn’t always easy to do. Secondly, I want you to pick up the phone and call a doctor or a friend who can call the doctor for you. Get the help you need, you will feel better in the end.