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Kim Kardashian is Looking for One Beauty Blogger to Join her Glam Empire In Upcoming TV Show ‘Glam Masters’



Reality TV star Kim Kardashian posted a callout on her Instagram. The mobile mogul is looking to expand her glam team, so she’s inviting the world to compete for a spot on a new Lifetime series named, Glam Masters.

She’s targeting beauty bloggers specifically, according to Lifetime‘s casting site: “Four lucky bloggers will go head-to-head on each week’s episode of Glam Masters. Only a few will make it to semi-finals and eventually finals, where one will become the Glam Master. The next big name in the beauty world could be YOU.”

The application asks questions about the applicant’s makeup history (“have you done makeup for events?” etc.), makeup philosophy, social media following, and personality (“how do you respond to competition?” is one of the questions because what’s a show without drama?). The prize seems to be a position as beauty director for the Kardashians’ apps, according to the physical application.

Photo Credit: GettyImages| Mike Coppola

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