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#VibesWithVheektor: Vheektor Okpala Talks How To Excel In the Creative Industry Using the “Mr Eazi Formula”



In this new episode of “Vibes with Vheektor“, Media Practitioner and Pop Culture Enthusiast Vheektor Okpala is reaching out to everyone who is struggling to find their light in the creative industry or anyone who is thinking of starting a career.

Using the career success of African Singer and Song Writer – Mr Eazi as a case study, Vheektor Okpala talks “How To Excel In the Creative Industry Using the – Mr Eazi Formula”

According to him, this episode is an excerpt from his personal research and he hopes that this episode helps you to find your light as much as it is helping him.


Industry-led conversations on female power, African entrepreneurship, ethical fashion – EFI Podcast Series 2!

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