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Adedoyin Owotomo: You Are Not An Entrepreneur…So What?



There is an entrepreneurship bug going round in Nigeria. This entrepreneurship “mosquito” has bitten a lot of Nigerians, and the phenomenon is on the rise. With the advent of the recession, we have started to look inwards, through entrepreneurship, to soften its effects on us. It is really teaching us to become financially creative.

The hype about entrepreneurship has led to the belief that it….entrepreneurship…is the surest way to happiness, wealth, success and financial security.
Initiatives to support business owners, trainings, pop-up markets, seminars in everything entrepreneurial, are springing up everyday like clockwork.

However, the more I see this phenomenon boom, the more I begin to wonder if some business owners are cut out for the hustle.

Do not get me wrong, I am with #TeamOwnYourOwnBusiness and all for the #Sidehustle to make extra income. Nevertheless, I am very sure that not everyone is meant to follow the entrepreneurship path.

And that’s ok. It really is.

So you are not going to be the next Mo Abudu or Dangote? You will not have a building with your company signage, nicely furnished with your own dedicated parking. And your business card is not going to have MD/CEO under your name. All that is absolutely fine, and is nothing to fret over.

A lot of people put so much pressure on themselves because they think that every Tom, Dick and Harry that owns a business is running the show and cashing out. We think entrepreneurs are having a ball with flexible working hours and extended holidays whenever they desire.

While some of it is true, I can guarantee you that quite a number of entrepreneurs are waist deep in debt, while others are overwhelmed by the stresses of running a business and are considering going back into the workforce.

I give kudos to all the entrepreneurs who are out there working on their passion; however, we cannot all be business owners. I have come to realize that our paths to success are not the same.

You have to understand that it is not because you are unable to lead people or not innovative enough that has made you opt for paid employment. Sometimes, it can just be the simple fact that owning a business and doing work that is inspiring is a struggle financially. It can also be that the business you are considering is physically challenging. Or simply that you are best at executing other people’s plans and ideas.

There are lots of people fulfilling their dreams and following their passion in paid employment. They are successfully doing so and getting paid for it.

How are they doing it?

Successful employees make their job work for them and not the other way around. And what do I mean by this.

First of all, they start out with a game plan early their career. They research their career choice and its various career paths, determine the next career position they should target and develop the skills required to fulfill that role.

Secondly, they are professional and very reliable. They show up to work and work functions on time, manage work projects in a timely fashion, do not miss deadlines, always and promptly respond to emails, respect others and avoid gossip.

Another trait of successful employees is that they think strategically and take initiative. Their focus is on solutions to problems and not dwelling on the problem itself. They understand that they are human and take responsibility for mistakes.

They are also committed to the success of themselves, their teams and the company as a whole.

The crucial thing here is to understand yourself, your strengths, weaknesses and what drives you. Whatever your reason is for being in the workforce, it is important to work hard and make yourself more invaluable and never forget that the world needs people like you.

Just learn how to work your magic on whatever side you find yourself on and remember that the sky is not your limit, it is only the beginning of it.

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Adedoyin is the founder of the Greenhorn Career Network (, a career platform that aims at providing young Nigerians with positive and practical approaches to educate them on taking ownership of their future, setting and achieving their career and life goals early in life and most importantly, developing a positive mindset to help them navigate the real world. She is very passionate about seeing young Nigerians succeed in their chosen career fields and living their dream life. You can connect with Greenhorn is on Instagram: @greenhorncareernetwork; Facebook:

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