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The Struggle to “Snapback” after Childbirth is too Real! Watch this New Episode of Accelerate TV’s “The Wrap Up”




Childbirth is hard enough, but getting your body back in shape is another task on its own. So on this episode, Toolz is joined by Ebuka who’s a daddy and Sisi Yemmie who’s a mummy to dissect both points of view of post birth survival.

Watch a new episode of Accelerate TV’s “The Wrap Up” below.


  1. Eni

    June 22, 2017 at 9:19 am

    I gave birth by emergency CS and couldn’t do the tying belle thing. A week later, my tummy was almost gone. I’d gained 18 kg during pregnancy and by the time I went for my 6 weeks post natal check up, I had only an extra 4 kg. My snap back was incredible. I hope it’s like that for my second child.
    What I didn’t like was I had became so dark and pimply, lost nearly all my hair and my nails became so brittle. All is fine now, Thank God!

  2. cheryl

    June 22, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    Hmmmm, i was excited wen i gained a little weight while pregnant, trust me i am very skinny and needed a lil flesh, i gained just a lil kg while preggy, it was after i gave birth dat i added an obvious weight, still little tho but whit plump chics and all( i was liking it), i didnt do the belle tieing and all, but in abt a week or 2 i went back to my original weight, i was eating well oooo, i didnt like d fact dat i went back to d very skinny me, i wanted to add a little at least, frnds were passing gr8 comments on how i snapped back but i wanted d little fat to be honest, so i guess all this is abt body types

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