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BN Beauty: 2 Steps to Easy Red Lips for Daytime Wear | Watch



The famous red lip!

Famous in so many ways and dating back over 100 years ago when such things as beetles were crushed to create the alluring colour. Then, women were accused of deceiving men with the red lipstick. Fast forward to today and a red lipstick is a staple makeup product for the modern woman.

The red lipstick now comes in so many finishes and shades, it’s almost impossible to settle on one shade forever. Guess that is why MAC‘s Ruby Woo is the only product to make it far enough to be considered at one time the most universal red lipstick ever. It’s always sold out in the MAC stores here in Lagos so they just might be right.

Taos Eko City

A general misconception of the red lip is ‘it always has to be bold and vibrant’ thus rendering it unsuitable for daytime or casual wear. I beg to differ on this as I’m a fan of soft red lips which works perfectly well for daytime and even corporate wear.

To achieve this look, my go-to products are the TAOS Eko City velvetine + NYX Cabaret Lip liner and 2 products means 2 steps in my book:

  1. Line and fill well mositurised lips with the NYX Cabaret lip liner
  2. Apply the TAOS Eko City velvetine, evenly all over the lips

and you are good to go.

The TAOS Eko City velvetine is great for a soft everyday look as it has a warm but muted undertone and the NYX Cabaret lip liner further mutes the red colour with its brown tints.

Below is a short video on how to achieve soft red lips suitable for daytime wear

After watching the video, we’ll be looking forward to your comments on how you get a soft, easy red lip.

Credits: Barbara & 1923

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