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How to Make Every Moment Magical



Hollandia magical momentEver had a Magic Moment?

Those moments when you are with friends and family, and it feels like time is on Fast Forward.

Think about all the special moments you have ever had with family, with friends or that special someone in your life or perhaps all by yourself. What do you think made those moments magical?

Let’s paint a few scenarios!

You are at a party, and the Jollof rice (Nigerian Jollof rice to be exact) is being served. You dive in and are watching the owambe experts digging it on the dance floor. Family and friends all around and you know there just has to be drinks ensuring the Jollof rice enters well-well and keeps the Magic Moments going.

Hollandia magical moment

It’s another football weekend, and your house is next for the boys to watch this week’s football game. In all the excitement of being on the winning team, there must be great nourishing drinks going round to keep the excitement going.

Hollandia magic moment

I believe you see where we are going with this… Magic moments are best enjoyed when there are refreshing and nourishing beverages to keep the goodness flowing.

So we bring to you Nigeria’s No.1 drink to guarantee that nourishment in every moment. Made with best quality yoghurt, processed in the best environment and mixed with the goodness of fruits, Hollandia Yoghurt gives Nourishing Goodness for Every Moment.

Hollandia magic

With each SKU (fancy marketing word for pack sizes), you have a Hollandia Yoghurt that fits into every moment. Our Smallie loves the little children, Selfie pack keeps you nourished when all by yourself, On-the-go keeps you nourished in traffic, when mixing your drinks or with your favourite snacks, Padi for celebrating the highpoints of life with friends and Jolly Jolly brings nourishment to every gathering.

So next time you are having some time out with friends or looking for those Magic Moments, remember that Hollandia Yoghurt is bursting with goodness inside and out, and we’ve got nourishment for everyone and every moment.

Hollandia magic moment

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