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“Tiny but Mighty” – Watch Bunmi share her battle with tumour in new interview with Inspaya




In a new interview with Inspaya TV, Bunmi Etefia talks about her battle with headache for a long time which got worse in September 2013 causing her body and legs to swell to the point that she couldn’t walk on her own again.

She said she went for a scan and the result showed she had fibroid and her PCV was very low. She disclosed that after having further scans, the doctor said she had kidney stone and a part of her heart wasn’t functioning well.

She explained that several diagnoses were given to her one after the other and when she couldn’t bear it anymore she decided to consult another neurosurgeon, Dr Omotayo Ojo who told her that “whatever she was encountering is linked to a tumour in her body”.

Sadly she lost her dad along the way during this period but eventually, Dr Ojo operated on her and the tumour was removed successfully after a second trial.

Watch the video below:

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